Anglers Access brochures to popular rivers and lakes have been produced by the IFS.

They are available at tackle stores, the IFS website, or download from here:

Arthurs Lake Brochure

Bradys Binney Tungatinah Brochure

Bronte Lagoon Brochure

Brumbys Creek Brochure

Craigbourne Dam Brochure

Dee Lagoon Brochure

Huntsman Brushy Four Springs Brochure

Huon River Brochure

Lake Barrington Brochure

Lake Burbury Brochure

Lake Crescent Brochure

Lake Echo Brochure

Lake Fergus Brochure

Lake Kara A4 Info Sheet

Lake Leake & Tooms Brochure

Lake Pedder Gordon Brochure

Lake Rosebery and Mackintosh Brochure

Lake Rowallan Brochure

Lake St Clair & King William Brochure

Little Pine Lagoon Brochure

Macquarie and Lake Rivers Brochure

Meadowbank Lake Brochure

Meander Brochure

Mersey River Brochure

Penstock Lagoon Brochure

River Derwent Brochure

River Leven Brochure

South Esk River Brochure

Talbots Lagoon Brochure

Tyenna River Brochure

Western Lakes Brochure

Woods Lake Brochure

yingina Great Lake Brochure