AAT Minutes General Meeting May 2017

10am Sunday 28 May 2017

Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross 



Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee John Broomby Exec Committee , Charles Thompson NWFA, Bruce Heathcote NWFA, Kerry Hays Penguin Anglers Club, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Bruce Gilham Corralin FF and Casting Assoc, John Francis  STLAA, Keith Symons Indep South, Roger Butler TGALT, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, Chris Colley Parks and Wildlife, Tim Farrell IFS



Adrian Hope, Michael Caminada, Wayne Ballette


Minutes of  previous meeting and matters arising

Motion : “to accept the minutes of the previous meeting held on 26 Feb 2017 at the Great Lake Community Centre”

Moved : Terry Byard    Seconded : John Broomby


Matters arising :

J Broomby in enquired on the progress of the bumper stickers

J Broomby reported that Hydro have still to make a decision on the possible use of Paloona

M Crosse objected to the need for a Parks Pass to fish in National Parks

C Thompson reported that proposed new roads at Lake Lea to access private land will not offer access to a possible boat ramp



The bank balances for all AAT accounts were tabled showing the balances at 26 May were :


GRANT A/C             037-001 477934                                                  $8,471.84


HOF A/C                037-010 259330                                                     $   736.61


TRADING A/C        037-009 171550                                                   $6,527.41


WEBCAM A/C       037-010 259322                                                    $2,804.39


With the $60,000 South Esk Anglers Access project almost complete the grant account will be fully expended and replaced by the $52,800 grant for toilets at Penstock and Bronte.


Motion :  “That the financial statement be accepted”

Moved :    R Butler     Seconded : M Crosse



Chris Colley, Regional Manager North, Parks and Wildlife Service gave an informative review of the TWWHA Management Plan.

Aircraft are excluded from the Nineteen Lagoons which is a Recreation Zone and also the Wilderness Zone; however there is provision for landing in the Visitor Service Zones , Recreation Zones and up to five landing sites in the Self-Reliant Recreation Zone – all subject to certain conditions. See zoning map attached.

All EOI proposals go through the Co-ordinator General’s office and face rigorous environmental impact studies prior to approval. Parks know of no proposals to date.

A suggested Code of Practice for aircraft movement by John Broomby was tabled and led to discussion of desirable outcomes.

Chris Colley suggested that AAT make representation to the General Manager of Parks to seek input into the review process for any EOI’s .


Inland Fisheries Service Report

Tim Farrell presented a comprehensive report which is available on the AAT website

The report included the following :

Trout Weekend report

Spawning run

Successful Community Infrastructure Fund projects

Carp management program and Carp Workshop report

South Esk Anglers Access will be open for 2017-18 season

RBF applications

River Leven willow removal

Four Springs maintenance and angling platform

Continued flood damage repair to anglers access

Navigation lights repairs

Native fish conservation

Pest fish

Compliance report

Hatchery and Stocking


Tasmanian Inland Recreation Fisheries Management Plan 2018- 28

Tim Farrell tabled an Issues Paper and explained the rationale behind it was to simplify regulation and to consult more widely. Comments from clubs or individuals need to in by

16 June for consideration in the Draft 2018-28 Plan due out in August 2017.

email  [email protected]

The following proposals were discussed :

The three management classes for the fishery

Proposed changes to bag limits on rivers and lakes

Stocking policy

Possible additional ‘all year” waters

Regulatory changes during the 2008-18 Plan to be included


Masters Games

Malcolm Crosse discussed the possible venues and logistics and requested that the Games be advertised on the AAT website with the need for controllers especially from NW Clubs


Bronte water levels

Hydro and IFS are working on an agreement for an MOU.

AAT to raise members concerns at their meeting with Hydro on 31 May


World Fly Fishing Championships

Malcolm Crosse gave a rundown on organisational matters including transport, possible venues, number of participants, accommodation, budget, sponsors, and the opportunity to push the Tasmanian fishery.

Volunteers are needed as controllers at the five venues with possibly one club adopting one  venue – ie five clubs needed.

A new webpage on the AAT site to be developed with a link to the World Fly Fishing Championships website- Fuji Xerox have offered to do the artwork.

A fund raising raffle will run for 3years and this could also be advertised on the AAT website


AAT Strategic Plan 2018-25

Terry Byard reported that the Exec Committee weekend workshop on the 6-7 May at Malcolm Crosses Penstock shack was successful and that the draft plan will be presented at the next GM


Fisheries Habitat

Gary France flagged a future forum on fisheries habitat and performance to be held on Sat 19 Aug 2017 at Campbell Town – details available shortly.


Bronte webcam sponsorship

Email from Devonport Fly Fishing Club wanting to co-sponsor the Bronte webcam with Kingborough Anglers Association – Kingborough to advise AAT


St Clair Lagoon

T Byard and D Edwards to meet on site with Hydro and IFS on Wed 31 to discuss water level regime in the lagoon


General Business

Howard Jones extended an invitation to all freshwater clubs to take part in the Break O’Day Sports Anglers Challenge at St Helens Sat/Sun 17-18 June. ph 0409 969 895 for details.

John Francis inquired how the proposed toilets would be serviced and maintained and it was suggested by Roger Butler that relevant government entities could contribute to a  corporate fund for toilet maintenance.

Howard Jones contention that an un-sustainable amount of water is being used for irrigation

led to a discussion on river degradation caused by the need for large quantities of fertilisers on irrigated low fertility soils, herbicide/pesticide runoff, dairy effluent etc , the need for water management plans on rivers and a means of AAT involvement with the EPA.

Terry Byard suggested that with the difficulty of getting an independent representative from the NW it may be necessary not to tie the three indep. reps to a particular geographic area.ry France suggested to try the NW on Facebook before any changes are made.

Bruce Heathcote discussed the cost of and alternate ways to service lifejackets.

Malcolm Crosse suggested that the Great Lake Fly Tie- In at the Great Lake Community Centre on Sat 14 Oct be advertised on the AAT website, and that the AAT had been invited to have a stall at the event.





AAT Executive      Strategy Plan 2018-25

Include catch and release in Code of Practise

Toilet maintenance funding


DE                        Letter to Parks seeking TWWHA EIO evaluation representation

Email IFS Management Plan to clubs

Set up web page for World FF Championships

Boating Proposals brochure for Penstock and Little Pine, contact MAST

about laying bouys

VHF details on website



NEXT MEETING     10 am Sunday 13 Aug 2017




Grant for Penstock and Bronte Toilets

AAT has been successful with a $48,000 grant from the Community Infrastructure Fund for the construction of toilets at Penstock and Bronte Lagoons. This project should be completed during the 2017/18 fishing season.

Willow Removal on the River Leven

AAT has received $11,750 funding from the Cradle Coast NRM willow removal on the River Leven and this project is almost completed.

Before Removal

Before Removal


After Removal

After Removal

AAT Minutes – General Meeting Feb 2017


10am Sunday 26 February 2017

Great Lake Community Centre



Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee John Broomby Exec Committee Michael Caminada Independent North & Exec Committee Charles Thompson NWFA, Terry Hayes Penguin Anglers Club, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Bruce Gilham Corralin FF and Casting Assoc, Wayne Bellette Tas Fly Tyers Club,  Adrian Hope TFFA, Robert Chandler Huon Licensed Anglers Assoc, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, John Diggle Director IFS , Minister Guy Barnett



Mike Stevens, John Francis, Keith Symons, Sheryl Thompson


Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

Motion: “to accept the minutes of the previous meeting held on 27 Nov 2016 at Clarendon House, Evandale”

Moved:  Gary France       Seconded: Terry Byard


Inland Fisheries Service Report

John Diggle tabled a comprehensive report which is available on the AAT website

The report included the following :

The photographic Competition to be held on Trout Weekend 20/21 May 2017. Entries close 28 April and entry forms on IFS website.

Clarence Lagoon – track has been cleared feedback on Brook trout catches would be appreciated

Water quality Penstock and Little Pine Lagoons

Anglers Access Road improvements to Woods Lake, Lake Echo, Clarence Lagoon

South Esk

Flood damage update

River Leven willow removal

Talbots Lagoon gauging board

Native Fish Conservation

Pest Fish in Mersey, Pipers River and Tamar

Electrofishing surveys


Carp Management Program

Hatchery and Stocking

Club events, meetings and dinners

Entry Form for Photography Competition

World Fly Fishing Championships Tasmania 2019

Malcolm Crosse outlined the logistics of this huge event with teams coming from 30 countries to be housed, fed and transported to venues.

The large expense to run the event and therefor the importance of sponsorships was stressed as was the need for volunteer controllers etc.

Minister Barnett suggested that the complexities of the organising task need an Executive Officer that should be funded by the Government. To this end it was suggested that Malcolm arrange a meeting with IFS, Tourism Tas and the Government.

A plan of expenditure required for the next 3 years to be done by Malcolm and Gary France

Discussion with Minister Barnett

A discussion was had on the Carp eradication program and Minister Barnett suggested that AAT write a letter of support to Federal Govt requesting funding extension for carp program of $275K for two years

Minister Barnett discussed what a great asset the unique Tasmanian wild brown trout fishery and environment is and that every advantage should be taken to promote the fishery and leverage funding opportunities that the 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships will present.

Minister Barnett suggested an information day be held in Parliament House in conjunction with IFS and Tourism Tas to inform politicians with videos , casting demonstrations etc

A brief discussion was had on poor water quality and natural flows in rivers.

The effect on rivers, with hatcheries, of the proposed increased salmon production was discussed and J Diggle explained that there are new regulations in place.

J Diggle suggested that Trout Weekend be used for publicity



The bank balances for all AAT accounts were tabled showing balances at 24Feb 2017:


GRANT ACCOUNT       037-001 477934                                            $16,401.76


HOF  ACCOUNT           037-010 259330                                            $     736.43


TRADING ACCOUNT   037-009 171550                                             $  6,371.74


WEBCAMS                 037-010 259322                                              $  2,635.20

The webcam sponsorships are now sufficient to cover all webcam costs. However increasing AAT activities will lead to a shortfall of funds (Trading a/c) and a strategy must be devised to deliver further funds.

Motion: “That the financial statement be accepted”

Moved:   M Crosse     Seconded: J Broomby


Hall of Fame

Letters of resignation from Sheryl Thompson, Chair of the Anglers Hall of Fame, and Ray Aitchison, Anglers Hall of Fame Committee were tabled. Terry Byard moved a motion “ that the AAT Executive and Members thank Sheryl and Ray for their work over the last two and a half years in the very difficult task of successfully resurrecting the Anglers Hall of Fame”

The motion was seconded by Adrian Hope

Nominations: A nomination for the HOF, from Charles Peck, for Jim Ferrier has been received, but on consulting the records it appears he was inducted into the HOF in 2004 and therefor the nomination is redundant



Copies of the TWWHA Management Plan were tabled and concern was expressed that despite AAT’s and other submissions on the Draft Plan, aircraft including helicopters will be allowed into the TWWHA for commercial purposes. Concern was also expressed at the lack of transparency of the EOI process from commercial interests using what is public land, and

diluting the wilderness experience of the many anglers who walk into these areas.

Parks to be contacted to explain the management process and what environmental studies are being done to determine the impact of any proposals.


Lake St Clair boat ramp

A submission for an upgraded boat ramp from the Southern Highlands Progress Association was tabled along with a letter of support from AAT


Boating Proposals for Penstock and Little Pine

The proposals which have previously been agreed were tabled. The implementation of the proposals will be done in time for the 2017/18 season



A quote for single colour AAT bumper stickers was tabled –

500      stickers $560 + GST

1000    stickers $710 + GST

2500    stickers $1070 + GST

It was suggested that other quotes be obtained before  a decision is made


Junior Angling Day 15 Oct 2017

Junior Angling Day to coincide with Gone Fishing Day on 15 Oct 2017


Trout Weekend 20/21 May 2017

Planning to start now –

Contact Telstra about their involvement

World FF Championships to have a presence


Hydro Recreation App

M Crosse reported on a meeting at Hydro to develop this app


Leven River willow removal

D Edwards reported that this project, funded by the Cradle Coast NRM, is about to start with John Broomby co-ordinating the project.


Grant submission for toilets at Penstock and Bronte

The grant submission for this project was tabled




Masters Games  

Entry forms now available and M Crosse gave a rundown on the logistics of organising such an event. A Hope suggested using the webcams to publicise the event.

Weed Removal 

Terry Byard reported on the recent ragwort removal working bee on Great Lake and raised the possibility of working with 4WD Clubs on future projects.

Forest Tas Draft High Conservation Value Assessment and Management Plan was tabled.

VHF on Highland Lakes

This should be promoted on AAT website with advice on use and suitable receiver/transmitters, sched times etc

Fishing/camping on Lake King William

Letter from Parks was tabled explaining that a Parks pass is required to access the area since Lake King William was gazetted as a National Park in 2013.


General Business

Mersey Forth

J Broomby reported on meetings of the Mersey Forth Recreation Committee .  Still awaiting Hydro’s decision on the allowable use of Paloona.

Lake Lea

C Thompson reported that the boat ramp needs attention to be usable and stop damage to Lake. Camping sites are not enough camping sites and this needs review by Parks


J Diggle reported that –

Hydro has some Community Grants available

Brushy Lagoon has some bridge closure but is still accessible by vehicle

Terry Hayes  informed the meeting that Penguin Anglers Club meets the first Mon of the month and welcomes visitors.




AAT Executive  AAT Strategy Plan for next 3-5 years and funding requests for initiatives

MC/GF  Organise meeting with Guy Barnett, IFS, Tourism Tas

Strategic Plan and budget needs for next 3 years

Publicity material for Parliament and Trout Weekend presentation

DE/TB    Contact list

Boating proposals to IFS

DE/GF    Post list of members of the HOF on AAT website

DE        Letter to Minister Barnett requesting carp program funding extension

Invite Telstra to Trout Weekend

Contact Parks to explain management of TWWHA

VHF information on website


NEXT MEETING  10am Sunday 28 May 2017 

Guidelines for induction to the Tasmanian Angling Hall of Fame

Membership of the Angling Hall Of Fame is the pinnacle of achievement for an individual’s contribution towards the betterment of freshwater angling in Tasmania.  It represents also, the highest level of peer recognition for this achievement.

The Hall of Fame comprises members both past and present, who have been awarded Hall of Fame status.

Situated within the grounds of the Salmon Ponds at Plenty, the Hall of Fame is managed by Anglers Alliance Tasmania.

Anglers Alliance Tasmania will invite nominations for induction into the HOF on a bi-annual basis, and one or none of the nominees may be inducted.

Nominations can be made by any person or organisation. A nomination that has been unsuccessful may be re-submitted in future years.\


  • Nominations must be submitted in writing.
  • Each nomination must contain a typed cover sheet with an executive summary of no more than 250 words, briefly outlining the nominee’s achievements against the selection criteria below, followed by details and supporting documentation of the nominee’s achievements.
  • The primary requirement for a successful nomination is a nominee who has made a significant contribution and lasting legacy to recreational freshwater angling in Tasmania, in a voluntary capacity or otherwise. As an individual, or member of a club or organisation, the nominee has put in a sustainable effort, and overcome barriers and difficulties, in their quest to create a better angling environment and/or community.


The nominees will be assessed against their accomplishments, both professionally and voluntary i.e. their achievements and outcomes will fall into, but are not strictly limited to, any of the criteria below:

  • Fishery development & improvement, i.e.
    • Sustainability & protection of the fishery
    • Angling administration, i.e. sourcing grants, lobbying, communication, etc.
    • Boosting advocacy towards angling
  • Education, i.e.
    • Community engagement
    • Effect community behaviour
    • Drive community actions and activities
    • Promotion of the fishery
  • Leadership eventuating in outcomes, i.e.
    • Project planning & management
    • Demonstrate initiative and innovation

AAT Minutes of General Meeting Nov 2016

10am Sunday 27 November 2016

Clarendon House, Evandale


Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Sheryl Thompson Chair Anglers Hall of Fame, Charles Thompson NWFA, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, John Francis STLAA Delegate, Wayne Bellette Tas Fly Tyers Club, Adrian Hope TFFA, Michael Caminada Independent North, Keith Symons Independent South, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, John Diggle Director IFS .


John Broomby, Malcolm Crosse, Mike Stevens, Bruce Gilham, Robert Chandler

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising

Masters Games A discussion on the organisation of the 2017 Masters Games was led by

C Thompson and W Bellette

Trout Expo G France reported that the event was very successful

Great Lake Tie In This event was very successful and will become a regular event

Motion: “ to accept the minutes of the previous meeting held on 28 August 2016 at the Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross”

Moved: C Thompson     Seconded: T Byard


The 2015/16 financial Audit was tabled. Audits for incorporated associations are no longer required, DE to check if funding bodies require association audits for grants.

Motion: “That the 2015/16 Audit be accepted”

Moved: T Byard     Seconded: A Hope

Inland Fisheries Service Report

John Diggle tabled the IFS Annual Report and the Annual Carp Report ; both are available on the IFS website.

Also tabled was a comprehensive report to AAT which is available on the AAT website The report included the following –

Possible grant opportunity from Community Infrastructure Fund for toilets

Redfin Perch in the Mersey River

Tasmanian Inland Recreational Fisheries Management Plan 2019-29 is being drafted

Clean up Australia Day registration

Carp update

Trout Weekend 2017 photographic competition

IFS attendance at yearly ‘Talk Wild Trout’ in Vic. – see Talk Wild Trout website

Anglers Access

Native Fish Conservation

Compliance Report

Rainbow trout spawning run at Great Lake

Salmon Ponds hatchery

Attendances at clubs and meetings

Stockings 12 Oct to 16 Nov 2016

The meeting commented on the high quality of the report and presentation.

It was suggested that AAT write a letter of appreciation for Hydro’s efforts in protecting the galaxiid populations in Great Lake and Woods Lake.

H Jones flagged the possibility of NRM North funds for Break O’Day study

River Bag Limits

Both the AAT and TGALT confirmed their support for the proposed all rivers maximum bag limit of five fish which the IFS is in the process of implementing.


M Crosse has replaced all SIM cards with Telstra sponsored cards and during the same trip replaced all battery operated cameras with donated gel batteries. The faulty Four Springs camera was replaced and has been sent to the manufacturer for inspection.

Lake Leake and Tooms are being investigated as possible sites for webcams.

Discussion was had about the need for funding a maintenance plan going into the future.

Toilet facilities

AAT has met with Highlands Council, IFS, MAST and Hydro to scope the requirements to develop the planning for the toilet project that can be used for possible grant applications.

A letter has been written to Ministers Groom, Rockliff and Barnett to sound out possible government sponsorship using the World Fly Fishing Championships as a lever.

Anglers Hall of Fame

The guidelines for Induction into the HOF have been resolved and will be posted on the AAT website.

Nominations will be called for at AAT’s AGM and inductions take place during Trout Weekend.

Proposed VHF coverage on Central Plateau

The network is nearing completion and should be operational in mid to late Dec 2016. AAT to contact Barry Mc Cann then to arrange publicity for the service.

Mersey Forth – Paloona

Boat ramp proposal at Lake Rowallan was discussed and C Thompson suggested that the prevailing weather direction may suggest a more sheltered location. J Broomby to liaise with Neil Morrow and C Thompson.

Club contacts

The difficulties and the dire need for improved club contacts was discussed.

It was suggested that a September mail out ( after clubs AGM’s ) requesting the new office bearers contact details, should be done annually.

DE to contact North, North West and Southern reps. to help initiate process.

Clyde River Catchment report

Terry Byard reported on two meetings attended on the review of the Clyde River management plan and alerted members that next part of the review will include Lakes Sorell and Crescent which will be important to anglers.

Junior Angling Day

A review of the recent Junior Anglers Day was tabled and the need for another southern venue was discussed as was the possible use of Facebook as a means of communicating for this event.


A brief discussion on Bushfest concluded that an AAT presence was worthwhile.


Carp Management Program Annual Report July-Sept 2016

Mersey River Redfin survey

Hazelwood Power Station closure

Tas Irrigation Govt Scrutiny Committee Invitation

General business

J Francis enquired on the status of the proposed bathometric charting of the lakes by a      surveying firm, and it was thought that the project had not gone ahead.

C Thompson initiated a discussion on the progress of the draft TWWHA plan.

S Thompson mentioned that the annual Ladies Fishing Day will be at Hiscutt Park on

Sun 4 Dec.2016

A Hope wondered that the Talbots Lagoon water level indicator could be relocated to a more easily observable position.


AAT Executive   Clean up Australia Day arrangements

H Jones/DE        NRM funding for Break O’Day

J Broomby          Rowallan boat ramp

DE                      Audit requirements

Hydro letter

VHF publicity

NEXT MEETING Sun 26 Feb 2017 at Great Lake Hall

Statewide Junior Anglers Day – 30th Oct

Anglers Alliance Tasmania is co-ordinating a free Statewide Junior Anglers Day on Sunday 30th October 2016 , giving anglers 17 years of age and under a good chance to catch trout at a number of venues across the state stocked by the Inland Fisheries Service.

The day will be a great opportunity for children who are interested in fishing but don’t necessarily come from a fishing family, to come along and receive some guidance from experienced anglers.

Bait and some fishing gear will be provided along with giveaways and soft drinks. All parents need to do is to bring the kids along on Sunday 30th October between 10am and 3pm to one of the following venues :

Frombergs Dam, Bass Highway, Ulverstone
Contact: Craig Viney 0419 370 121 [email protected]

Taylors Dam (opposite Anvers), Latrobe
Contact: Peter Maloney 0419 871 131 [email protected]

Waverley Lake (near Waverley Primary School), Launceston
Contact: Gary France 0418 875 001 [email protected]
or [email protected]
New Norfolk Anglers Junior Pond, 10 Acre Lane, Bushy Park
Contact: Justin Causby 0439 737 144 [email protected]