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2017 Nominations for the Tasmanian Angling Hall of Fame

Anglers Alliance Tasmania (AAT) is pleased to invite nominations for the Tasmanian Angling Hall of Fame (HOF). Nominations are to be submitted in accordance with the (HOF) induction guidelines and selection criteria which are listed on the AAT website here.

Nominations need to be received by the 31st March 2017 and should be forwarded to:

Mr Denis Edwards
Executive Officer
Anglers Alliance Tasmania
GPO Box 963
Hobart 7001

Tel. 0428 841 166
or emailed to: [email protected]

Guidelines for induction to the Tasmanian Angling Hall of Fame

Membership of the Angling Hall Of Fame is the pinnacle of achievement for an individual’s contribution towards the betterment of freshwater angling in Tasmania.  It represents also, the highest level of peer recognition for this achievement.

The Hall of Fame comprises members both past and present, who have been awarded Hall of Fame status.

Situated within the grounds of the Salmon Ponds at Plenty, the Hall of Fame is managed by Anglers Alliance Tasmania.

Anglers Alliance Tasmania will invite nominations for induction into the HOF on a bi-annual basis, and one or none of the nominees may be inducted.

Nominations can be made by any person or organisation. A nomination that has been unsuccessful may be re-submitted in future years.\


  • Nominations must be submitted in writing.
  • Each nomination must contain a typed cover sheet with an executive summary of no more than 250 words, briefly outlining the nominee’s achievements against the selection criteria below, followed by details and supporting documentation of the nominee’s achievements.
  • The primary requirement for a successful nomination is a nominee who has made a significant contribution and lasting legacy to recreational freshwater angling in Tasmania, in a voluntary capacity or otherwise. As an individual, or member of a club or organisation, the nominee has put in a sustainable effort, and overcome barriers and difficulties, in their quest to create a better angling environment and/or community.


The nominees will be assessed against their accomplishments, both professionally and voluntary i.e. their achievements and outcomes will fall into, but are not strictly limited to, any of the criteria below:

  • Fishery development & improvement, i.e.
    • Sustainability & protection of the fishery
    • Angling administration, i.e. sourcing grants, lobbying, communication, etc.
    • Boosting advocacy towards angling
  • Education, i.e.
    • Community engagement
    • Effect community behaviour
    • Drive community actions and activities
    • Promotion of the fishery
  • Leadership eventuating in outcomes, i.e.
    • Project planning & management
    • Demonstrate initiative and innovation

2015 Inductees

The induction of Mr Stewart Ingles, Mr Norm Scott and Mr Bob Ward will take place at 2.30 pm on Sat 16 May 2015 at the Great Lake Community Centre, Miena.