MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING – Sunday 17 February 2013 at IFS Liawenee

Mike Stevens AFTA Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec committee, Gary France TGALT Exec committee, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Norm Cribbin STLAA, Adrian Hope TFFA, Leroy Tirant AFTA, Michael Caminada Indep North, Charles and Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant.

Greg Peart, Alan Gordon, Roger Butler

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 14 October 2012 “
Moved Terry Byard. Seconded John Broomby. Carried

Matters arising
Disappointing response to an AAT co-ordinated Clean Up Australia Day
effort. STLAA responded and are doing the Derwent River from Granton to New Norfolk and some other clubs are doing their own thing.

Inland Fisheries Report
John Diggle reported on IFS activity

Stocking – current stocking charts were tabled.

Anglers Access.
Mersey River – Neil Morrow thinks this is perhaps the best access project yet. On time and due for completion this March.
Fergus – Walking track construction is about to start.
Derwent River – scheduled for next year.
Future projects – may concentrate on key access points eg St Patricks, South Esk, the north east etc rather than big projects. Any suggestions would be welcome.

There has been a major influx of cormorants following two wet seasons. This last occurred in the late 70’s and took until the mid 80’s for waters to recover. IFS is carrying out electrofishing surveys
in the Leven, Tyenna, Russell, Mersey, St Patricks and Meander Rivers to establish historically comparative fish population

Definition of “ Bait “ being looked at.
Lake Leake trolling regs to be changed
Five year licences available from next year
Craigbourne – fishing from the dam wall to be regulated
Lake King William to be a year round fishery
Lagoon of Islands to be removed from publications as a fishery

A “ Financial Management and Audit Amendment Act ” is to be tabled in Parliament which could result in Treasury control of all IFS monies.
The IFS will seek an exemption order from this legislation.
It was resolved that the AAT should be aware of any opportunities for submissions , meet with the Minister and lobby to ensure that the IFS retains not only its investments but also its autonomy.

The dry/wet cycle has seen an increase in recruitment and as a consequence a decrease in fish size.
The IFS is considering controls on some spawning creeks to manage this problem. The meeting resolved that this would be a good approach and should be done as soon as the necessary Hydro approvals are in place.


Submissions received on proposed boating recommendations were predominately in favour, with the boating zones, means of marking and wading impact being the most important issues.
The proposal will go forward as a recommendation to anglers ( for the coming season) rather than a regulation.

Four Springs
In the light of declining fish numbers, a discussion on the management of the Four Springs fishery took place. It was resolved that AAT write to clubs to seek their views ,
ie Existing regulations ok ? Sport fishery ? Trophy fishery ?
Reduce size limit ? More stocking ? etc

Shannon Lagoon
The IFS is investigating the rehabilitation of Shannon Lagoon as a
possible project. Turbidity is a major problem and to stabilise the
system the possibility of raising the Lagoon level, wind control
measures and the use of an automatic pump from the Great Lake
outlet will be investigated.

Parks Ranger on the plateau
AAT letter to Minister for Parks and Wildlife was tabled that expressed anglers concerns that for the first time in many decades there is no Parks and Wildlife representation on the plateau.
AAT will email clubs with Ministers contact details to lobby Minister.

Weed management on the plateau
Kathy Hean from Whispering Landscapes gave a very informative presentation on weed control on and around the plateau.The main invasive weeds are Ragwort, English Broom, Gorse and Mullein.
Volunteers are needed and would be very welcome for the Interlaken and the Great Lake areas ; the Bronte anglers have already had a successful working bee.
It was suggested that plant ID cards could be included in angler licence renewals and that photos be posted on the AAT website to assist with identification of problem sites.
AAT to investigate a Landcare Grant Application for specific control programs.
Thanks was expressed to Kathy for the presentation and sharing her vision of a weed free plateau.

Malcolm Crosse reported on NRM South’s launch of boot cleaning stations in key remote locations to protect the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and associated wildlife.

Kerrisons Hut

John Broomby tabled a letter from James W Lyne with photos documenting the huts sad state of repair and suggesting that the hut be relocated to the causeway where it would be better used and more easily maintained. This work would be done by volunteers at no cost to Parks and Wildlife.
John Broomby moved that “AAT write to Parks and Wildlife to support the proposal ”. Seconded by Gary France and supported by the meeting.

Malcolm Crosse reported that with seven cameras up and running the webcam installation project has been completed successfully, on time and within budget.
The webcams have proved very popular, with Gary France reporting that the AAT website has had 1,600 visits over the last month.

Issues to be addressed are –
Image loading time, clarity tuning , etc
Arthurs Lake camera is old technology and to be replaced
Phone app possibility and cost / benefit
Maintenance and running costs
Sponsorship – Telstra Countrywide have expressed interest
– MAST to give $12,000
– other ?
Press release to be done
Pirate webcams have been locked out, with all visits now through
the AAT website.

Adrian Hope suggested AAT write a letter of appreciation to Malcolm for his incredible efforts in making this project a reality.

Mike Stevens and IFS to meet with Tasmanian Irrigation to discuss
some concerns with this scheme.
South Esk
Some turbidity issues have been reported above Fingal around
Evercreech and in the Clarendon/Simmons Plains area; the DPIPWE
have been notified , have taken samples, and will report the results to
the AAT.
Subject to these results the AAT may look at the broader aspects of
water quality of run off from irrigation and turbid discharge from farm
holding dams etc.
Arthurs outlet
Terry Byard reported the complex arrangements Hydro has in place
to manage drawdowns from Arthurs for the Midlands Water Scheme (MWS)
• MWS irrigation outlet is 947.5 ASL (much the same as the lake level reduced to 2009 )
• Pumping to Great Lake ceases when Arthurs Lake level falls below 949.0 ASL as per IFS/Hydro MOU
• If Great Lake level is below 1023.0 ASL then this aspect of the MOU does not apply.
• Lake River irrigators have negotiated a 50,000 ML annual allocation as a trade-off for the loss of their uncapped rights on the Lake River. The extra water over and above their current historical usage of approx. 20,000 ML per year will come from Poatina. Note: this increase will occur over time.

Habitat Fund

The Habitat Fund (some $50-60,000) will be transferred from the trustees to the IFS and put in a separate account.

General business

Rowallan boat ramp
John Broomby reported that the ramp is difficult to use, especially at low levels when the steepness makes it very difficult to see your boat. Also there are some nuisance rocks in the vicinity of the boat ramp. AAT to write to MAST.

Lake Lea
The NWFA reported that Parks and Wildlife are being over- zealous with
the control of this area. Complaints include denying boat access, locking gates and one ranger refusing to identify himself.
John Diggle will clarify land tenure and jurisdiction issues, AAT to write to Parks with complaints.

Lake Kara
NWFA reported that fish screens have been removed allowing fish to escape. IFS will follow up.

Gunns Plains
NWFA expressed concern that the method used to remove willows (without replacement native planting) will result in erosion problems.
IFS will follow up.

To be advised.


MS Treasury/IFS lobby Minister
Kerrisons Hut lobby Minister

IFS Lake Lea land tenure/controls
Lake Kara fish screens
Gunns Plains willow removal

DE Four Springs, email clubs
Rowallan ramp, write to MAST
Lake Lea, letter to Parks
Ranger on Plateau, email clubs
Weeds, Landcare Grant, ID photos
Kerrisons Hut, letter to Parks
South Esk turbidity issues
Letter to Malcolm Crosse

Minutes of AAT GM 14 October 2012 – P2


Sunday 14 October 2012, Campbell Town

M Stevens AFTA Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec committee, Gary France TGALT Exec committee, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Norm Cribbin STLAA, Alan Gordon BOD, Charles Thompson NWFA, Mathew Ling NWFA, Adrian Hope TFFA, Greg Peart Indep South, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant.

Stephen Bax, Alex Grodski, Roger Butler, Phil Williams, Leroy Tirant

Chairmans welcome
Chairman , Mike Stevens, welcomed members

Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2011 AGM
T Byard moved that the minutes of the 2011 AGM be accepted. Seconded
by G France. Carried.

Business arising from the minutes
Discussion on updating the Constitution including membership clauses. Greg Peart to review the constitution and recommend to the executive any changes needed.

Chairmans report
Report tabled and read by Mike Stevens

Financial report
The 2011/2012 audit by Michael Muller Accountants and the current financial position was tabled.
John Broomby moved that they be accepted. Seconded Greg Peart. Carried.

Election of Executive Committee Officers
No nominations received. Executive Committee to remain as is
Chairman            Mike Stevens
Vice Chairman    Terry Byard
Malcolm Crosse
Gary France
Moved Greg Peart. Seconded Alan Gordon. Carried

Appointment of Independent Representatives
Positions currently occupied are to remain
North West       Leroy Tirant
North               Michael Caminada
South               Greg Peart
Moved Terry Byard.  Seconded Gary France. Carried

Meeting closed 10.45 am

Minutes of AAT GM 14 October 2012


Sunday 14 October 2012 at Zeps Campbell Town

M Stevens AFTA Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec committee, Gary France TGALT Exec committee, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Norm Cribbin STLAA, Alan Gordon BOD, Charles Thompson NWFA, Mathew Ling NWFA, Adrian Hope TFFA, Greg Peart Indep South, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant.

Stephen Bax, Alex Grodski, Roger Butler, Phil Williams, Leroy Tirant

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 29 July 2012”
Moved Terry Byard.  Seconded Malcolm Crosse. Carried

Matters arising
AAT to co-ordinate “Clean Up Australia Day” with interested clubs and liaise with the IFS  so that the most is made of the media opportunity.

Chairmans welcome
Chairman , Mike Stevens, welcomed members

Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2011 AGM
T Byard moved that the minutes of the 2011 AGM be accepted. Seconded
by G France. Carried.

Business arising from the minutes
Discussion on updating the Constitution including membership clauses. Greg Peart to review the constitution and recommend to the executive any changes needed.

Inland Fisheries Report
John Diggle reported on IFS activity.
Penstock Lagoon. Letter to AAT from IFS was tabled and discussed. The proposals which are precautionary and non-regulatory, are designed to safeguard water quality and have received general support to date. The recommendations are –

  • That a designated 50m wide corridor for petrol powered boating be established on Penstock Lagoon. This corridor will run in a line from the end of the boating channel at the northern end across to Crisps Point on the Eastern side, then down the centre of the lagoon towards the Lily Pond at the southern end.
  • That wading be restricted to within 50m of the shore.
  • That the no motorised boating zone in Beginners Bay be maintained.
  • Those anglers using petrol outboard motors on Penstock Lagoon use 4 stroke or low emission 2 stroke motors.
  • That any petrol powered boats used on Penstock Lagoon be 5m or less in length.
  • The 5 knot speed limit will continue to apply to the whole lagoon including the motorised boating corridor.
  • The recommendations were supported by the meeting including TGALT and the NWFA would prefer electric motors only and wondered about the effectiveness of the self-regulatory approach.

Licence sales.  Early sales indicate approx 5% revenue increase or approx 2-2.5% increase in angler numbers.
Talbots Lagoon.  IFS is negotiating with Gunns regarding access and water use.
Four Springs.  Some access closed due to safety issues
Marketing.  IFS is involved with TGALT and Tourism Tas to produce a marketing plan to increase angler numbers. Research has shown that the biggest markets are Tas and Vic and these will be the target markets.
Anglers Access.
Mersey is under way.
Anglers access is being negotiated for Rostrevor Dam north of Triabunna and Rileys Creek dam near Geeveston.
Road access to Curries and Brushy being repaired.
Paloona is being discussed with Hydro, the proximity of the proposed access to the spillway is being considered.
Access signage is being erected on the George and South Esk Rivers.
The search for a major dam site in the South East continues.
Woods Lake and Brandon Bay boat ramps being upgraded to concrete.
Stocking sheet for 30 June- 12Oct tabled. It is thought that stocking of fry (1-5 gms) gives better results than stocking fingerlings (10-20gms) and this is now the focus.
Four Springs sustainability of harvest is being assessed and may result in a bag limit review.
Carp eradication is at a critical stage with extra staff being involved in a big effort to fish down as many carp as possible prior to spawning. Research continues into carp sterilisation.
Talks with Hydro are taking place regarding the possible breach of Lake Gordon into Lake Pedder because of the present high water levels.
IFS Annual Report will be available on the IFS website in November.

Malcolm Crosse gave a presentation on the installation of the webcams which was informative and very well received.
Cost for the four solar powered cameras installed to date (Bronte, Little Pine, Penstock and Burbury) was approx. $6000 each which is right on budget.
Discussion on image quality resolved that a higher image was desirable say with 2minute frames rather than continuous streaming.
The addition of weather stations was canvased but not resolved and some thought that additional webcams may be better use of any spare money.

Malcolm suggested that because power and a strong signal are available at Great Lake that a pan/tilt/zoom camera could work well.

Running costs and maintenance issues will be important and means of funding these was discussed . Ongoing sponsorship is desirable and a small yearly fee for anglers accessing the webcams may be necessary.

It was resolved to proceed with the webcam installations at Great Lake and Augusta subject to a costing review of the existing webcam installations.

Irrigation review
A review of the status of the South Esk, Macquarie and Midlands schemes was tabled. Concern was expressed that the proposed minimum drawdown point for Arthurs will be below the agreed risk band. AAT to seek clarification from Hydro.

MAST Grants

  • Letter from MAST tabled that listed successful AAT funding applications for;
  • Woods Lake – concrete boat ramp
  • Arthurs Lake – increase height of break wall
  • Great Lake – concrete Brandum Bay boat ramp
  • Bradys Lake – site plan development
  • Lake Burbury- upgrade Camping Ground boat ramp
  • Lake Barrington- pontoon system at northern boat ramp

Northern forum
There has been a good response from the open letter sent to all northern clubs and further follow up after clubs have met should elicit a positive outcome for Northern representation.

Insurance changes
Insurance premiums will now fall due on the 1STAugust to align with the opening of the trout season. This will be reflected in this years accounts that            will be pro rata, ie for 9 months since in previous years they fell due on 30th Oct.
Accounts will be sent out this week and are due on the 30th Nov. There is no change to yearly insurance amounts.

Australian Fly Fishing Museum
Mike Stevens gave an interesting and informative presentation on the proposed Australian Fly Fishing Museum to be located in a cottage at Clarendon, a National Trust property on the banks of the South Esk River south of Evandale.
If you have any old money, old documents, photos, rods, reels, flies etc Mike would like to hear from you.

General business
Fishing Habitat Fund . Mike Stevens and John Diggle to meet with the Trustees.
Anglers Hall of Fame. Query on what’s happening , the committee has not met for 3yrs. John Diggle offered to follow up.
Meeting venues. Suggestion that meetings should be held at varied venues and if possible at the lakes in summer so that delegates could incorporate some fishing with an overnight stay. John Diggle suggested the IFS at Liawenee for the next meeting.

Next  meeting:   Sunday 17 Feb 2013 at IFS Liawenee.


MS/JD     Meet Trustees of Fishing Habitat Fund
JD           Anglers Hall of Fame
GP          Review of Constitution
TB/DE      Clean up Australia Day co-ordination
DE           Letter to Hydro on Arthurs outlet
Hydro Pedder/ Gordon presentation
Code of Practice

Minutes of AAT GM 29 July 2012


Sunday 29 July 2012, 10am, Zeps Campbell Town

Mike Stevens AFTA Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Gary France TGALT Exec Committee, Malcolm Crosse TFTC Executive Committee, John Diggle Director IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Alan Gordon BOD, Wayne Maxwell NWFA, Mathew Ling NWFA, Michael  Caminada Indep North, Leroy Tirant Indep NW, Steve Bax AFTA, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant

Norm Cribbin, Charles Thompson, Greg Peart, Roger Butler

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 1 April 2012 “
Moved: Gary France   Seconded: Terry Byard

Preliminary Statement of Income/Expenditure for 2011/12 was tabled and showed the AAT Trading Account brought forward approx. $16,000 from 2010/11 and has a current balance of $46,213. This includes recent final returns from sales of Fishing Tasmania of $16,100 .

The Grant Account (for Mersey River Anglers Access) brought forward approx. $46,400 from 2011/12 and has a current balance of $46,400.

The Trading Account will be audited in the next month and the Grant Account will be audited on completion of the Mersey River project.

MOU with IFS
Draft MOU between AAT and the IFS was tabled which will formalise the obligations and expectations of both parties.

Inland Fisheries Report
John Diggle reported on IFS activity –
List of fish stocked in all waters from July1 2011/June30 2012 was tabled.
Trout Weekend at Liawenee was very successful with an attendance of over 4000 people
Anglers Access – Tyenna completed ; Mersey under way and Derwent to commence in 2013/14.
Land has been acquired for access to Lake Fergus.
Great Lake. Leases are being signed to maintain access over land that was recently sold on the western shore.
Paloona.  IFS is looking at alternative ramp locations and a number of other of issues to be resolved with Hydro.
Lake Lea access issues discussed and AAT to keep following these up with Parks.
Penstock.  IFS is presently looking at a number of management options to present to anglers – these may include corridors for outboards; low emission/4 stroke only; boat size limits; wading restrictions and enforcement options.
Arthurs/Great Lake Galaxiid Study done for Hydro was tabled. This study identifies the water level risk bands for galaxiid spawning and strengthens the IFS/Hydro MOU for minimum drawdown levels.
Trout sesquicentenary (2014) was discussed and the possibility of planning some celebration events was floated.
IFS has a long construction project list for 2012/2013  and includes boat ramp works at Woods, Brandon Bay, Jonah Bay, Paloona, Rowallan, Burbury and Dee Lagoon.  Road works at Four Springs; Brushy Lagoon; Cowpaddock and Double Lagoon.

Fishing Habitat Fund
This fund has some $50,000 in trust from donations from anglers and guides
going back a number of years. The Trustees have been difficult to deal with and it is suggested that Mike Stevens and John Diggle meet with the Trustees with a view to re-establish and re-badge the fund with more control to AAT/IFS.

Malcolm Crosse reported that the cameras are ready for onsite installation subject to insurance clauses in the Hydro agreement being met.
Malcolm called for some volunteer labour from clubs to help erect the structures and some suggestions were Bronte/Kingborough; Burbury/NWFA;
Little Pine will need a quad bikes or a helicopter; Augusta/ ? ; Penstock and Great Lake are OK.  Construction time would be one to two days and any club or person able to help should contact Malcolm on 0429 870 550.
The possibility of using the webcams as income stream and to set up a data base was discussed. Sponsors that have shown interest include IFS, MAST and BOM and a number of businesses.
i phone App to access the site to be investigated.
Webcam sites to have lockout controls so that AAT retains commercial control of webcam images.

The revamped AAT website is up and running www.anglersalliance.org.au
Log on problems were reported, that when Googling ‘Anglers Alliance’ traffic is directed to fishingtasmania website and then to the defunct AAT website. This problem to be rectified.

Northern Forum
Terry Byard discussed a “rotating delegates” system as a possible solution to get better representation from Northern Clubs.
From the nine Northern clubs two delegates (from different clubs) start a one year role as a Northern Delegate (4 meetings). The following year, two more delegates from different clubs.
That is, if six clubs participated, clubs would only have involvement every three years, or for eight clubs, involvement would be every four years.
Much of the delegate’s communication to other clubs could be via email,
AAT Exec Assistant and AAT minutes.
DE to write to clubs and John Broomby offered his assistance in fielding queries from clubs.

South Esk   Break O’Day Fly Fishers Club expressed concern that off stream dams used for water storage upstream will be using the river to transport water that is pumped from these dams for sale downstream.
Excessive drawdowns could result in release of sediments, river turbidity, degraded river environment, temperature differentials and fish kills.
This regime will similarly impact on the Macquarie.
Letter to be sent to DPIWE expressing these concerns.

Replies were tabled from Bryan Green and Tony Burke to AAT’s letter questioning what sustainable water management measures are being adopted as required by the Commonwealth Govt. and what minimum environmental flows are to be adopted.                                                 The DPIWE Secretary’s report on the WMP recommends no change to the minimum environmental flow, ie 40 ML/day and not the 100-160ML/day recommended in the WMP.  This is now before the Planning Commission and they will report to the Minister by the end of the year.

Lake Leake
Letter tabled from Rod Summers requesting that the regulation that prohibits fishing from a boat whilst using a petrol outboard  be rescinded.
The meeting resolved to support the change and recommends that low emission environmentally responsible engines ie low emission / 4 stroke or electric motors be used.
John Diggle said the IFS is looking at resolving the matter.

Current newsletter on Mersey/Forth Water Management Review tabled . Meetings have been attended by the Ulverstone and Devonport clubs and AAT to write to Hydro to formalise representation on the Committee.

Letter from Minister O’Byrne informing us that “AAT’s submission has been successful in securing funding for a number of projects” in the Recreational Boating Fund 2012.

Clean Up Australia
All clubs are urged to adopt a site that’s in need of cleaning up and join the 2013 Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday 3 March 2013.  Details can be
found at www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au

Gary France suggested that all clubs take advantage of NRM South’s biosecurity workshops or guest speaker for club meetings.
Peter Hayes is happy to lend his facilities for groups. Interested clubs should contact Gary France on 0418 875 001.

Rise Fly Fishing Festival
Hobart           Mon 13 Aug 2012
Burnie            Wed 15 Aug 2012
Launceston    Thurs 16 Aug 2012

General business
Mike Stevens gave a rundown on the proposed Fly Fishing Museum at Clarendon.
Terry Byard suggested that Cathy Hean, who has applied for a Commonwealth grant for weed eradication across the plateau, be invited to talk at an AAT meeting. Details of the project to be posted on the AAT website.
Gary France reported that Tourism Tas has a new structure and TGALT is working with them and IFS on a new promotional DVD and looking at marketing opportunities in WA, Qld, Russia, Italy, China and Italy.
Trout Expo on at Cressy Oct 6/7 2012.

Next meeting AGM Sun Oct 14 2012


ALL CLUBS – Webcams contact Malcolm Crosse if you can help
– Register for Clean Up Australia Day 2013

MS/JD         Meet Trustees of Habitat Fund

JD               Lake Leake outboards

MS    Webcams  – i phone APP
– Lockout to protect use of images
Website     – Fishing Tas website
– delete old AAT website

DE   Northern Forum
South Esk, letter to DPIWE
Lake Leake, phone Rod Summers
Lake Lea, letter to Parks
Mersey/Forth, letter to Greg Urwin Hydro
Clean Up Australia,  email all clubs
Weed eradication,  post details on website

Minutes AAT Meeting 1 April 2012


Sunday 1 April 2012, 10am, Zeps Campbell Town

Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, John Diggle Director IFS,  Gary France TGALT Exec Committee,  Malcolm Crosse TFFA Exec Committee,  John Broomby Northern Forum,  Alan Gordon BOD,  Norm Cribbin STLAA,  Wayne Maxwell NWFA, Michael Caminada Indep North,  Greg Peart Indep South,  Denis Edwards Exec Assistant

Mike Stevens, Charles Thompson, Roger Butler, Leroy Tirant, Steve Bax, Adrian Hope, Peter Murphy.
The Committee expressed best wishes to Charles for a speedy recovery.

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 27 Nov 2011”
Moved: Greg Peart    Seconded: Gary France

GRANT ACCOUNT                                                                $       1.12
TRADING ACCOUNT                                                             $37,285.00
Webcams   approx  $12,000
Website      approx  $  2,000

The Grant Account will receive $66,000 in July from the Tasmanian Commmunity Fund for the Mersey River Anglers Access project.

Further income is possible from sales of Fishing Tasmania magazine.

Inland Fisheries Report
John Diggle reported on IFS activity –
The public meeting at Miena on the 4 Feb 2012 to discuss the prohibition of outboards on Penstock Lagoon indicated little support for the proposal.
IFS acknowledge the cost of change for individuals but increasing environmental awareness warrants a precautionary approach. IFS will
look at a new proposal with possibly a 5 year phase in period.
As part of increasing environmental awareness J.D suggested that the AAT should develop an anglers Code of Practice with an environmental focus that should include issues such as wading , camping , quad bikes etc.
Lake Lea. The new Parks and Wildlife access arrangements are available on the IFS website www.ifs.tas.gov.au. A letter from Adrian Hope (NWFA) was tabled which was generally supportive of the changes, but access to the peninsula would provide an ideal camping area and better access to fishing areas. AAT write to Parks on behalf of NWFA.
IFS is looking at public access issues resulting from recent sales of property adjoining Great Lake which may compromise access.
In reply to concerns from Michael Caminada (Indep Nth) on Atlantic salmon stocking J.D indicated that stocking had stopped at Bradys Lake and that the only waters being stocked are Brushy, Barrington, Craigbourne and Meadowbank. Waters to be stocked must have good access and there is a limited supply of fish.
Anglers Access. Tyenna River access infrastructure will be completed for next season.
Fergus – the negotiations for access corridors are almost complete.
Access possibilities to North Esk and St Pats being considered.
Trout Weekend Liawenee 19-20 May 2012. AAT invited to have a presence.
Bronte – New ramp complete.
Woods – concrete ramp to be constructed. It was noted by some members that tree branches had fallen in the carpark
Arthurs – Jonah Bay walkway extended.
Night time fishing bans may be reviewed on some waters; possibly by changing to fixed times eg say fish to 11pm.
Tripliod programme had some teething problems (with gas bubble disease) which led to limited production last year.

Penstock outboards
Norm Cribbin presented the STLAA suggested recommendations for water quality management of Penstock Lagoon for the next 5 years and the STLAA has forwarded these recommendations to the IFS for consideration.
They contain a raft of management issues and suggested possible responses; they will be circulated by AAT for discussion at the next GM.

Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships
Malcolm Crosse reported that this event was a great success with many comments on Tasmanian hospitality and that this was made possible by the great efforts of the angling community and the IFS staff.
Two visiting high profile journalists ( film and magazine ) that covered the event should give invaluable international publicity for the Tasmanian trout fishery.
A huge effort – well done Malcolm.

Not resting on his laurels Malcolm Crosse updated progress on webcam locations –
Little Pine, camera to be located on private property on the hill to the west of the dam wall. To be solar powered.
Bronte, discussion favoured a location east of the new boat ramp. Land ownership (probably Hydro) and power availability to be investigated.
Great Lake, possibly Swan Bay
Augusta, on the valve house (dam wall)
Burbury, the caretakers hut or the caravan park.
Further discussion suggested that a camera on the dam wall at Penstock would be useful and also beneficial for management issues.
The possibility of a requirement to register online prior to gaining webcam access was discussed as a means of developing a database. Privacy issues would have to be addressed.

The new webpage design by Sam Shelley was tabled for comment, and it was suggested that Sam should do a presentation and answer any questions prior to its adoption.
The website Fishing Tasmania continues to be a problem and although owned by the AAT, its host, Alan Moult is not answering correspondence, making a change of host difficult.
The use of this website and its link to the AAT website was discussed and it was thought that it needs expert marketing advice.

Midlands scheme has sold sufficient water for the project to proceed.
South Esk  construction is about to commence on the Lower South Esk scheme.
Macquarie Draft Water Management Plan was presented to stakeholders on 21March. Roger Butler’s summary was tabled and shows a good outcome for the river and therefor for the fishery. The plan is now in its 60 day public exhibition period.
Ringarooma initial scientific and hydrology studies have been released.
Other schemes There are dozens of schemes in various stages of planning and construction throughout Tasmania and members are urged to check what’s going on in their area on www.tasmanianirrigation.com.au
These schemes will produce many dams and it was suggested that AAT lobby for access to these by meeting with the Minister to get an in principal agreement on access, as the previous Minister promised.

Paloona  AAT has lodged an application with MAST to upgrade the existing ramp, access and parking. Wayne Maxwell NWFA raised some safety concerns due to rapid water level changes as well as some access problems. He suggested an onsite meeting with Mike Stevens, Hydro and the NWFA to discuss the issues.
Woods  Road maintenance is becoming an issue as traffic has increased markedly. Although the road “belongs to no one” IFS will maintain it while it has funds to do so. Advisory speed signs may also be useful.
IFS is working with MAST to improve the ramp and AAT has supported this with a submission to MAST.
AAT to write a letter of thanks to MAST for their work on the protective groyne and ramp.
Arthurs  Speed limits have been fixed but confirmation required that the signs reflect this.
Talbots  Wayne Maxwell NWFA confirmed that access is still controlled from Gunns head office, foot access is ok but a key is needed for vehicle access.
IFS is talking to Gunns on control of the water.

Benefits of recreation fishing
A Curtin University research paper “Identifying the health and well-being benefits of recreational fishing ” was tabled.
Its use as a vehicle to support funding for junior freshwater angling was discussed and it was suggested that Fishwise be contacted to with a view to help further develop AAT’s junior program.


This organisation was originally set up by Microsoft to give not for profit organisations free hardware and software. It has since expanded to include other manufacturers and provides both free and low cost computers, hardware and software.
AAT is now registered with Donortec as a not for profit organisation and so is eligible to participate in any offers and these will be emailed to members as they become available.  More info at www.donortec.org

General business
Any resolution on bait fishing at Huntsman?
Northern Forum resurrection to be persued. (Easter may be a good time?)
Norm Cribbin queried the ownership status of Bernacchi Lodge. John Diggle suggested it may be under Parks control.
Details (car rego) needed for a crazy NZlander who invokes the NZ
“30m rule”and cuts peoples fishing line if they are within this distance
of him. Last seen at Craigbourne cutting a disabled persons line.
Jet ski sighted on Dee Lagoon and reported to Mike Bidwell (Hydro)   Regulation clarification required from MAST.
Is a daily pass required when fishing in National Park ?
John Diggle suggested that AAT Get aboard “Clean up Australia Day”next year.
Liawenee Open Day 19-20 May volunteers.
TAGL will be there
Mike Stevens ?
Greg Peart
John Broomby
Communication. Perceived lack of communication from AAT to anglers to be addressed.

Next meeting   TBA


AAT Executive
Irrigation dam access
Website presentation
Fishing Tasmania website
Communication issue

MS      Follow up returns for Fishing Tas magazine.
Meeting with Minister re irrigation dams access
Paloona meeting
Presentation of web page
Jet ski regulation clarification
Liawenee trout weekend

MC/GP AAT Environmental Code of Practice

GP     Recreation benefits of fishing. Contact Fishwise
Liawenee Trout Weekend

JB      Liawenee Trout Weekend

DE     Lake Lea write to Parks
Circulate info on Penstock/outboards
Woods Lake – letter of thanks to MAST
Pass requirements when fishing National Parks
Northern Forum
Register AAT for “Clean up Australia Day”
Trout Weekend flyer

Minutes AAT Meeting 27 Nov 2011


Sunday 27 November 2011, 10am, Zeps Campbell Town

Mike Stevens AFTA Chair, Gary France TGALT Exec Committee,
John Diggle Director IFS , John Broomby Northern Forum, Alan Gordon BOD,
Norm Cribbin STLAA, Greg Peart Indep Sth, Phil Williams Northern Clubs,
Charles Thompson NWFA, Nick Baldock NWFA, Maurice Hendley Fly Fishing Club of Tas,    Denis Edwards Exec Assistant

NRM South, Terry Byard, Malcolm Crosse, Michael Caminada, Peter Murphy, Roger Butler, Leroy Tirant, Steve Bax, Adrian Hope

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion; “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 21 August 2011”
Moved; Norm Cribbin   Seconded; John Broomby

TRADING A/C  Current balance $30,432 which includes $20,180 recovered from Red Jelly.
Outstanding accounts – Exec Assist. Aug/Sept/Oct    $ 2,100
–  Zeps                                   $   400
Outstanding income   –  owing from IFS                    $10,000

GRANT A/C  Current balance                                   $ 1,300
It was resolved following a request from TGALT that AAT contribute the $1,300 from the Grant A/C to TGALT for their marketing program.

Tasmania Community Fund has advised that the AAT grant submission for $60,000 , for Mersey Anglers Access, has been successful. Neil Morrow’s great work has paid off. Completion date for the project is estimated to be March 2013. In total this is a $100,000 project and covers the Mersey from Forth to Lake Parangana.

Inland Fisheries Report
John Diggle reported on IFS activity –
Fish stocking activity sheet tabled
Woods Lake protective rock wall has been completed, some road improvement done and further road work to be done next month.
Little Pine ramp has been improved
Camerons Lagoon parking area has been improved
IFACs new makeup discussed.
Bradys Lake. A survey has confirmed the poor performance of Bradys and a brown trout stocking program is in place to address the problem.
Break O’Day . A sustained stocking program has been carried out and this will be continued to be topped up in an effort to increase natural recruitment. Alan Gordon reported that the upper reaches are still dirty with suspected cow effluent.
Macquarie River stockings are showing positive results.
Northern Forum
Discussion on means of overcoming the inertia of northern clubs to form a forum. DE to email clubs with contact details of Northern reps to help initiate some communication.

Mike Stevens reported in addition to the Arthurs webcam other sites being planned are Great Lake, Augusta (solar), Little Pine (solar), Bronte and Burbury. Thanks to Malcolm Crosse for his incredible work.                  Cameras with 240v supply will be able to zoom and pan.
Total cost of installations will be approx. $25,000 with sponsorship to date covering some $10-15,000 from IFS, MAST and fishing tackle stores etc.    Running costs will be $500 to $1,000/year (includes all cameras) and cameras will be insured if affordable.
Meeting agreed that AAT fund $12,000 of the $25,000 estimated cost.

Mike Stevens reported progress on upgrades to AAT and Fishing Tasmania websites.
AAT site will have management issues, minutes of meetings, contact lists, irrigation links etc, while the Fishing Tasmania site will have the webcam access, fishing news etc. Both sites would be linked and accessible for upgrade postings directly by AAT, making the sites more responsive and up to date.
Indicative upgrade costs are from $3000 to $5000 and it was agreed to proceed at the lower end of this price range. It was approved to spend $2,500 and any further amounts requested out of session.

Greg French
A letter from AAT to Bill Classon at Australian Fishing Network, the publishers of “Trout Waters”was tabled expressing concerns of the criticism of AAT and IFS and that some of the information is in fact incorrect.

Letter from Derwent Bridge Chalets saying they have been informed by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services that there will be a replacement for the retiring policeman at Liawenee.

John Diggle reported that the approved subdivision has addressed the IFS concerns and that there will be a three hectare reserve on the Red Rocks Shore with road access via a public right of way. The shore around the subdivision will still be accessible by a Hydro foreshore reserve.
The existing ramp will be upgraded to concrete in Feb.

Tasmanian Irrigation now has up to date information on all irrigation projects on its website  www.tasmanianirrigation.com.au

Midlands.  A letter from the Project Manager, Sven Meyer, was tabled stating that the project is scheduled to start construction in April 2012.
Concern was raised at that the drawdown MOU between IFS/Hydro is not enforceable and that there may be another Tas Irrigation/Hydro MOU on drawdowns that is not publically available.
It was suggested that Norm Cribbin and Terry Byard do a study on the likely drawdown scenarios for Irrigation, Power and the Environment.

Macquarie. Concern has been expressed at the water quality downstream from a processing plant at Mt Joy. MS to organise samples for testing.

South Esk.  A letter from DPIPWE was tabled that indicates that the WMP will not be delivered until mid 2012.

Ringarooma. The ‘Water Management Report for the Ringarooma River Catchment Water Management Plan’ was released in Aug 2011 and a copy tabled.

Attention is drawn to the ‘Mersey Forth Water Management Review’ which is conducting an online stakeholder survey prior to further discussion with interested parties. www.hydro.com.au/MFWMR/. www.surveymonkey.com/s/8NRWY6Y . Completion date is 15 Dec 2011.

Multiple use of Lake Barrington has caused some problems and gaining access to Paloona and/or Cethana for angling would relieve some of this pressure. AAT (MS) will do a paper on management possibilities of the three waters. Hydro has agreed to open Paloona and this will be progressed. AAT resolved that Paloona should have a five knot speed limit.

Penstock Lagoon.  AAT Position paper ‘Boat Management on Penstock Lagoon’ was tabled which highlighted the pollution caused by outboard engines on small shallow waters with little water flow. Two stroke motors are particularly bad polluters and it concluded that the IFS should ban outboards on Penstock Lagoon.
It was thought that, although it may cause angst from some club members,
that the greater good of the water quality and therefore health of the fishery should prevail.
It was resolved to accept the position papers recommendation that outboard motors not be allowed on Penstock Lagoon and that the recommendation be forwarded to IFS requesting that the necessary legislative process be initiated.

Boat speed compliance . Concern was raised that many boats either don’t know or are not observing speed limits on inland waters. A number of suggestions to remedy this were made. Mike Stevens to prepare a discussion paper.

AAT letter tabled requesting Adrian Paine of Tasmanian Irrigation to allow bait fishing on Huntsman Dam. No reply has been received to date but John Diggle indicated that a phone conversation with Adrian Paine suggested that Tas Irrigation wants no change.

Dale Brook
Visited by Charles Thompson and Mike Stevens. Requires further work including water samples.

North West Cape
Fonterra have vastly increased dairy cow numbers( up to 40,000?? ) which will have effluent run off issues. John Broomby indicated that there are strict controls on run off. However Fonterra have a bad record of stream pollution in NZ. One for the NWFA.

An email from Brian Best (an angler) was tabled seeking some clarification on the water level regime, as last summers level of -3m he considers is disastrously low for maintaining fish stocks.
Greg Carson of Hydro replied stating that the preferred operating level is around -3m.
John Diggle indicated that IFS and Hydro are working on an agreement.

General business
Brumbys  Enquiry from Peter Hayes requesting replacement planting to give better fish habitat where willows have been removed on Brumbies. Norm Cribbin indicated that the roots of large trees cause damage to the clay levee banks and Mike Stevens should talk to Angus Swindon from Hydro to see what planting would be acceptable.
Theft of gear  from a boat at Jonah Bay on Arthurs Lake and from a car at Camerons Lagoon recently has been reported.
Mickah Adams  is filming the Tasmanian wild trout fishery and his request for part funding ok’d – $500 with conditions to be agreed. IFS and Tourism Tas will also contribute.

NEXT  MEETING  To be advised

MS      Paloona/Barrington/Cethana discussion paper on management
Websites upgrade
Water samples from Macquarie
Discussion paper to review boat speed regs on inland water
Brumbys replacement planting

TB/NC Midlands Irrigation – drawdown scenarios

CT      Water samples from Dale Brook
North West Cape. Fonterra dairy no’s/runoff

DE      Email NW Clubs on Mersey/Forth survey
Follow up Northern Forum
Post Position Paper on Boat Management on Penstock Lagoon on

Minutes AGM 2011


Sunday 21 August 2011

Mike Stevens AFTAChair, Terry ByardVice Chair, Malcolm Cross Exec committee, Gary France TGALT Exec Committee. John Diggle IFS. John Broomby Northern Forum, Alan Gordon BOD, Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Norm Cribbin, STLAA, Michael Caminada Indep Nth,
Greg Peart Indep Sth, Roger Butler TGALT, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant.

Peter Murphy, Alex Grodski, Louis Molnar, Leroy Tirant

Chairman’s welcome
Chairman, Mike Stevens, welcomed members

Confirmation of Minutes of the 2010 AGM
T Byard moved that the minutes of the 2010 AGM be accepted. Seconded by G France. Carried.

Business arising from the minutes

Chairman’s report
Report distributed and read by Mike Stevens

Financial report
Report and 2010/2011 audit distributed and explained by Roger Butler and Denis Edwards
T Byard moved that the report be accepted. Seconded M Stevens. Carried

Appointment of auditor
M Stevens moved that Michael Muller be retained as Auditor. Seconded R Butler. Carried

Election of Executive Committee Officers
Nominations for current Executive Committee received. No other nominations and nominations accepted so Exec Committee remains as —

Chairman – Mike Stevens
Vice Chair – Terry Byard
Malcolm Cross
Gary France

Appointment of Independent Representatives
Positions currently occupied are to remain –
North West — Leroy Tirant
North -– Michael Caminada
South — Greg Peart
Constitution amendments
Discussion on Clauses 22 and 28 referring to the need for Treasurer and Secretary (on Exec Committee) if amended to allow for two non-office bearing members on the Exec Committee and the duties of Treasurer/Secretary be done by the Executive Officer.
Opinion to be sought as to the legality of this.

Discussion on Clause 29 on the need for annual subscription, resolved to remove the clause subject to an investigation into the need for such a requirement. Moved T Byard. Seconded G Peart.

Meeting closed 10.45am