AAT AGM July 2015



10am Sunday 19 July 2015, Zeps Campbell Town


Chairman , Gary France welcomed members and new Southern Independent Southern member Keith Symons

Confirmation of the minutes of the 2014 AGM

T Byard moved that the minutes of the 2014 AGM be accepted. Seconded M Crosse. Carried

Chairman’s Report

Gary France’s report for 2014/15 was tabled detailing the years activities and proposed future focus. He thanked all members for their contribution and support.


Because the AGM has been brought forward this year, the 2014/2015 audit has not yey been completed and will be tabled at the next GM. Balances at 17 July 2015 were —

Trading Account Westpac 037-009 17-1550 $18,483.48 CR

Grant Account Westpac 037-001 47-7934 $12,296.00 CR

Webcam Account Westpac 037-001 47-7854 $ 0 this A/C has just been

set up and will operate from the 2015/16 financial year

HOF Account MyState 807-009 727 3178 $1,288.95 CR

Election of Executive Officers

Three nominations for the two positions on the Executive Committee were received. In the subsequent ballot and the successful candidates were Mike Stevens and John Broomby .

The Executive Committee is

Chairman Gary France

Vice Chairman Terry Byard

Mike Stevens
John Broomby
Malcolm Crosse Project manager
Sheryl Thompson remains the Tasmanian Anglers Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson.

Appointment of Independent Representatives
Keith Symons was appointed the Independent Representative for the South.

General business

Terry Byard suggested that the Constitution should be changed to state that the Independent Representatives should not be members of or aligned with any angling club or group.

Meeting closed at 10.40 am

AAT AGM July 2015 2016-10-27T17:25:54+00:00

AAT General Meeting 3rd Mat

10am Sunday 3 May 2015, Zeps Campbell Town

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, Sheryl Thompson Chair Tas Anglers Hall of Fame, Ray Aitchison Hall of Fame Committee, John Broomby Northern Forum, Michael Caminada Independent North, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Charles Thompson NWFA, Adrian Hope Tas FF Assoc , Phil Blizzard Tas FF Assoc, John Diggle IFS, Denis Edwards Exec Officer

Mike Stevens, Roger Butler, Phil Williams, John Smith

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 22 Feb 2015 at the Miena Community Hall”
Moved: T Byard Seconded: S Thompson

Matters arising
Clean up Australia – T Byard stressed the importance of co-ordinating the clean up day(s) to get maximum recognition for clubs. Exec. Committee to discuss.
J Broomby inquired about the next stage of the TWWHA Draft Plan

AAT Accounts
Financial statement was tabled showing
Westpac TRADING A/C 17-1550 $18,588.11 CR
Westpac GRANT A/C 49-7943 $44,002.40 CR First instalment of TCF $60,000 grant
for South Esk Anglers Access
Hall of Fame Account
MyState A/C 727 3178 $ 1,044.68 CR

Motion: “that the financial statement be accepted”
Moved : M Crosse Seconded : J Broomby

It was decided that due to the increasing scope of AAT’s activities and for ease of administration and transparency, the Webcams should have a separate bank account and a budget be established for operating and maintaining the webcams.

Inland Fisheries Service Report including Carp Report
John Diggle tabled the comprehensive IFS report and this and the Carp Report is available on the AAT website.
The report included the following –
Trout Weekend and draw for the Ford Ranger
Woods Lake water levels
Brushy Lagoon bridge limit
River Derwent Angler Access
Liawenee subdivision
Sandbanks Creek Fish Trap, Great Lake
Southern Fishery Options
Anglers Access works
Licensing and Administration
Carp Management
Fisheries Performance
Threatened Fish Management
Stocking and electrofishing surveys
Spawning Runs

Bag Limits in Rivers were discussed and AAT to put a position to the IFS in preparation for the forthcoming Management Plan review.
A Gordon and H Jones expressed concern about ongoing water quality issues in the NE and it was agreed to invite the EPA to the next AAT meeting.
T Byard expressed the AAT’s appreciation of the IFS reports and members commented that they were keenly sought after by the clubs.

Angler Access
Derwent River Following the successful IFS Derwent River access program , it was suggested that AAT contact Bicycle Network (refer article in Mercury 16 April 2015) to investigate the possibility of foot access along the existing rail track.
Pumphouse Point Email from N Morrow tabled relating assurances from Manager Josh Bradshaw that the access path from the entry gate around the lagoon will be complete d by the 2015/16 season and “that public foot access is permitted to the site including the access road, tracks and bridge beyond the gate, the lagoon and island. The only restriction is the flume structure and the Pumphouse itself.”

M Crosse has sourced and installed a high gain antenna on the Arthurs camera which has fixed a long running transmission problem. The Great Lake camera should be running early next week. The following week Malcolm will do a maintenance run of all cameras.

A letter was tabled from shack owner Alan Jeffrey inquiring if there were any plans to install a camera on the northern end of Great Lake; there are no plans for a second camera on Great Lake and it was felt that the present priority for expenditure should be for installation maintenance and the next camera in the west, possibly MacKintosh.
G France tabled webcam analytics that show webcam visitation is increasing.

M Crosse, T Byard, D Edwards to review costs, scope, marketing , maintenance, budgeting and management of webcams.

The use of “The Source”video footage clips and other video possibilities for the website to be explored.

Junior Anglers
The date for this event has been set for Sun 11 Oct 2015 and venues will be Frombergs and Taylors in the NW, Waverley in the North and Bushy Park and possibly a Huon venue in the South.
Clubs with junior angling programs to be contacted to ascertain number of juniors involved at present.

Trout Weekend Liawenee
Volunteers to man the AAT stand at the IFS Trout Weekend at Liawenee for Sat 16 and Sun 17 May were J Broomby, M Crosse and G France. Others welcome for ½ day, 1 day or 2 days, phone Denis 0428 84 1166.
Flyer to be updated and formatted in a convenient size for handing out.

Highlands Bushfest
Volunteers to man the AAT stand at the Highlands Bushfest at Bothwell for Sat 21 and
Sun 22 were T Byard and possibly J Broomby and M Crosse. Others welcome for ½ day,
1 day or 2 days, phone Denis 0428 84 1166.

Anglers Hall of Fame
S Thompson, Chair of the AAT HOF Committee, tabled a letter from the HOF Committee to IFAC which listed the progress that has been made since AAT has taken over the administration of the HOF.
The next inductees will be Stewart Ingles, Norm Scott and Bob Ward and the induction will take place at the Great Lake Community Hall, Miena at 2.30 pm Sat 16 May 2015.
The will be no more inductions until 2017.
T Byard tabled suggested ‘operating guidelines’ and suggested ‘selection criteria’ for nominees to the HOF, for consideration by the AAT Committee.

Hydro. Letter from Hydro was tabled stating that the water level monitoring equipment at Penstock Lagoon will be operational by the end of June and that the camping issues are being investigated.
Forico Derogation. Forico’s reply to AAT’s stakeholder response was tabled
Pioneer Lake. Letter from Dorset Council tabled stating that they are happy to erect a directional sign to Pioneer Lake at the junction of Gladstone and Racecourse Roads and that
the remaining area is the responsibility of Parks.
The Nomenclature Board lists Pioneer Lake as the correct name, Pioneer Mine Hole may be a local term.
Webcams. A number of emails tabled conveying appreciation of AAT’s efforts with the webcams.
Lake Lea. The current Parks contact is the Ranger in Charge, Kate Burton , 6492 1133.
C Thompson will follow up boat access issues with her.
Gordon River . Letter from Anthony Crosswell tabled commenting on proposals put forward by the Gordon River Anglers regarding the abolition of graball nets in Macquarie Harbour and also his concerns on the effect of fish farms on the whitebait run.
It was determined that this is not a freshwater issue and that AAT therefor should not be involved .
Little Pine Boat Ramp. Jim Caulfield from Mast has advised that due to a budget over run on Lake Leake boat ramp and complexities of tenure in the parking area the project is under review and may be delayed.

Independent Reps A Southern Independent Rep has been located and the call for a NW Independent Rep in the ‘Advocate’ has received no replies to date and this position will be re-advertised.
G France reported that IFAC had asked Tony Wright will write to the AAT regarding future management of the Fisheries Habitat Fund.
T Byard reported that he had had a conversation with Deryk Dennis about fly fishing clubs representation on the AAT committee. Adrian Hope from Tas FF Assoc said he passes on all AAT minutes, correspondence etc to five fly fishing clubs but seldom hears back from them.
M Caminada reported that the IFS compliance officers must be doing a good job – he has been checked four times this season.
A Hope commented on the keeness and calibre of the new Fisheries Officers.
C Thompson reported that the Tullah Progress Assoc with the NWFA have put a proposal to MaST for a floating pontoon at the Lake Rosebery boat ramp.
H Jones flagged the multi species fishing comp. to be held at St Helens on 21 June 2015

NEXT MEETING is the AGM at 10 am Sun 2 August 2015
at the Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross

Exec Committee Clean Up Australia co-ordination
Junior Anglers Day
Liawenee Open Weekend
Highlands Bushfest
Bag Limit for rivers
HOF Budget
Webcam marketing
Derwent River walking /cycling track
NW fly fishing club representation on AAT Committee

MC,TB,DE Webcam administration, budget,marketing etc

GF Check out Waverley Lake for Junior Anglers venue

DE Invite EPA to next GM
Website video footage
Update AAT flyer
Ascertain the number of club junior anglers
Derwent River contacts walking/cycling track
Re-advertise for NW Indep. Rep
Reply to correspondence

AAT General Meeting 3rd Mat 2016-10-27T17:25:55+00:00

AAT – General Meeting Feb 2015

Sunday 22 February 2015, Great Lake Community Hall , Miena

Prior to the General Meeting Jim Caulfield from MaST gave a presentation on the proposals for the boat ramp at Little Pine Lagoon. The consensus was that it should be dual lane fleximat, have carparking for 30 cars/trailers, finished surface level need not be above full supply level, a groyne to the SW, and provision for a pontoon when funds are available.
Need for expanded carparking at Penstock Lagoon was also discussed.
The presentation was much appreciated by all present.

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, Mike Stevens Exec Committee, Sheryl Thompson Chair Tas Anglers Hall of Fame, John Diggle IFS, Neil Morrow IFS , Stephen Hepworth IFS, Mark Asplin IFS, Paul Middleton IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, John Smith Tas FT Club, Michael Caminada Independent North, Bruce Gilham Corralin FF and Casting Assoc, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Charles Thompson NWFA, Bruce Heathcote NWFA, Adrian Hope Tas FF Assoc. Denis Edwards Exec Officer

Phil Williams, Roger Butler

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 9 Nov 2014 at the Australian Fly
Fishing Museum, Evandale”
Moved: C Thompson Seconded: J Broomby

Matters arising
>M Crosse advised that Hobart Radio will installing a VHF antennae on Barren Tier within the next 12 months.
>Arthurs Lake camping caretaker’s phone No. to be posted on website.
>M Crosse advised of illegal camping at Penstock Lagoon? Check with Hydro
> J Broomby inquired if additional parking could be provided at Miles Forbes Bridge. The
consensus was that this was not necessary out of the whitebait season, and N Morrow indicated that it would require the purchase of private land and therefor an expensive exercise.
>M Stevens advised that the lifejacket awareness television initiative is progressing.
>EPA to be invited to address a meeting as part of AAT water quality initiative.
>Lake Lea access to be followed up.


AAT Accounts
Financial statement was tabled showing
Westpac TRADING A/C 17-1550 $18,923.31 CR
Westpac GRANT A/C 49-7934 $ 332.19 CR with $60,000 TCF grant for Anglers
Access due.
Tasmanian Anglers Hall of Fame Account
MyState A/C 807-009 727 3178 $ 1,192.28 CR

Motion: “that the financial statement be accepted”
Moved: T Byard Seconded: C Thompson

Inland Fisheries Service Report
John Diggle introduced the new IFS Fisheries Officers , Paul Middleton (Devonport Fisheries Officer) and Mark Asplin (Liawenee Fisheries Officer) before tabling a comprehensive report which can be viewed on both the IFS and the AAT websites.
The report included the following –
The Tasmanian Inland Recreational Fishery Management Plan will be reviewed in 2015/16
Farm dam stocking for public fishing
Redfin perch in the Mersey River
Hatchery lease to Huon Aquaculture
Estuary perch research
Clean up Australia Day
Proposed Sandbanks Creek spawning trap
Pioneer Mine Hole being legislated as a water open year round
Penstock Lagoon water level monitoring
Four Springs performance assessment
Lake Echo eel fishing
Fisheries Habitat Improvement Fund
Planned River Surveys
Anglers Access
Licencing and Administration
Shannon Lagoon update
Southern Fishery
Compliance report
Hatchery and Stocking report
Report on IFS Carp Management Program

Clean Up Australia Day IFS will again be participating in the program on Tues 4 Feb. along the Derwent River to complement the Anglers Access project. John Diggle urged all clubs that have clean up programs to register next year with Clean Up Australia so their efforts can be recognised. AAT Exec to look at ways of maximising media cover .

Penstock Lagoon John Diggle reported that Hydro did not see the Penstock dam wall leak as an issue to be concerned about. IFS requested that Hydro repair the water level monitoring equipment on Penstock and the levels be recorded on their website. AAT to write to Hydro to reinforce this request.
Whitebait Poaching J Broomby has had reports of poaching in the NW . Stephen Hepworth said unfortunately the IFS has not received complaints and needs illegal activity to be reported so action can be taken. The phone numbers are on the IFS website and will be posted on the AAT website.

Malcolm Crosse reported that the failure of the Arthurs camera is due to strong radio signal interference and efforts are being made to locate the source. Even at the best of times the signal is marginal and Malcolm suggested that an alternate site with a stronger signal be investigated.
Sponsorship – Emails to/from Eric Hutchinson MP and Telstra Country Wide were tabled and we are hopeful that Telstra will become a major sponsor enabling vastly improved webcam performance with increased data allowance.
Trout Territory guiding have taken up the sponsorship of the Great Lake webcam.
Sponsorship offer letters to be sent out to likely sponsors for remaining unsponsored cameras.

Junior Anglers
T Byard reported that this IFAC initiative was progressing and that possible waters are Frombergs Dam at Ulverstone, Taylors Dam at Latrobe, Waverley Lake at Launceston,
and in the south Bushy Park and a water in the Huon area.
IFS will look at fish availability in order to establish a possible date and all clubs should be informed before they establish their yearly calendar.
Discussion raised the possible need for police checks and/or the need for juniors to be accompanied by parents; the possible use of Fish Care volunteers; possible charges for some venues and the importance of advertising and marketing.
It was suggested that the proposal be documented for the IFAC meeting on the 6 March 2015 and circulated to clubs involved.

Anglers Hall of Fame
S Thompson reported that there would be three inductions on the Liawenee Open Weekend
with a possible undercover venue being the Great Lake Community Hall.
T Byard suggested that the Exec Committee look at and document the HOF process and criteria for selecting inductees/sponsors , and that funding be addressed and a budget established.

Great Lake weed eradication working bee
T Byard reported that the working bee for the weekend 14/15 Feb was cancelled due to a forecast of rain and will now take place on Sat/Sun 28 Feb/1 March 2015.

TGALT Photo Competition
Letter tabled from TGALT requesting a $500 donation to help defray costs.
M Crosse moved that this be done, seconded M Stevens.

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Draft Management Plan
This is now out for public comment and submissions close on 22 March2015. For copies of the draft phone the DPIPWE on 6165 3065.
Public information sessions will be held at –
Hobart, 3 March, Bahai Centre of Learning
Launceston, 5 March, Tamar Valley Centre, Albert Hall
Deloraine, 6 March, Meander Valley Enterprise Centre
AAT will respond to the draft and any comments members want included in this should be emailed to AAT by 15 March 2015.

A discussion highlighted a number of concerns including the use of and number of commercial aircraft and helicopter flights; motorised boating changes; netting on Macquarie Harbour etc. The Exec Committee will draft a response.

Little Pine Boat Ramp the issues raised by Julian Newton- Brown were addressed by Jim Caulfield (MaST) prior to the meeting.
St Clair Boat Ramp As the Southern Highlands Progress Association has lodged RBF request to MaST it was felt that no action is necessary.
State of Fishing NW of Penguin J Diggle said that the IFS need reports on specific instances of the matters of concern before they can comment or take any action.
Jonah Bay jetty. This is being replaced.
Forico Derogation. AAT’s stakeholder response to the proposed use of the highly toxic alpha-cypermethrin insecticide was tabled.
Josh Flowers letter and flyer for his final fundraising event for the 2015 World Fly Fishing Championships in Bosnia this June was tabled. It will be a social cricket match, everyone invited to play, BBQ etc at the Meander Cricket Ground on Sat 21 March 2015 . BE THERE !
Aust Fly Fishing Museum Weekend. Flyer tabled for the visit of casting guru Simon Gawesworth on Frid/ Sat 13/14 March 2015.
TGALT Photo Competition. Flyer tabled , details www.150yrsoftastrout.com.au. Competition closes 31March2015.

NEXT MEETING is at 10am Sun May 3, 2015 at Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross

Exec. Clean Up Australia media cover
TWWHA submission
HOF inductee criteria, funding and budget
Arthurs webcam
TB Contact Hydro on illegal camping at Penstock Lagoon
TB/GF Junior Angler report to IFS for 6 March meeting
DE Post Arthurs campsite caretakers No. on website
Post IFS Illegal Fishing hotline No. on website
Invite EPA speak at AAT meeting
Follow up Lake Lea boat access
Contact Hydro to repair Penstock water level monitoring equipment
State of NW fishing , reply to email

AAT – General Meeting Feb 2015 2016-10-27T17:25:55+00:00


Sunday 9 November 2014, Australian Fly Fishing Museum, Evandale

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, Tony Wright IFS, Mike Stevens Exec Committee, John Broomby Northern Forum, Michael Caminada Independent North, Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Tony Cross Penguin Branch NWFA, Adrian Hope Tas Fly Fishing Assoc, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Denis Edwards Exec Officer
Guest Speakers: Brad Finlayson Tas. Eel Exporters, Dr Sebastian Burgess Greening Australia

Roger Butler, John Smith, Justin Causby, Phil Williams, Ray Aitchison

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 17 Aug 2014 at Ross”
Moved: T Byard Seconded: M Cross

Matters arising
Lake Lea , C Thompson has not heard from Parks regarding boat access
Gowan Brae , access arrangements to be posted on website and Facebook

Financial statement was tabled showing
TRADING A/C 17-1550 $27,734.15 CR
GRANT A/C 49-7934 $ 332.19 CR

The Tasmanian Anglers Hall of Fame
AAT is in the process of transferring the management of these funds to the AAT.
The funds total was $3,206 at 30 June 2014 held in a MyState cheque account. This account will be maintained and run separately to the AAT accounts.
Motion: “that the financial statement be accepted”
Moved: M Stevens Seconded: T Byard

Inland Fisheries Service Report
Tony Wright tabled a comprehensive report and this can be viewed on the AAT website.
The report included the following –
Low lake levels
North West Fisheries Officer position
Proposed Southern Fishery update
Bag and size limit breaches
Liawenee fisheries officer position
Eel fishing in public waters
Anglers Access
Shannon Lagoon
Carp Report
Licencing and Administration
Fisheries management
Hatchery and Stocking

North East Open Water
J Broomby and H Jones discussed the Break O’Day Sports Anglers proposal for the Pioneer Minehole to be the most suitable water in the north east for year round angling.
It was agreed that AAT write to IFS recommending that Pioneer Minehole be made a water for all the year round angling.

Anglers Hall of Fame
Sheryl Thompson and her Committee of Gary France and Ray Aitchison have done a wonderful job fixing the HOF tangle they were handed, sorting and filing all documentation, organising plaques (as well as small plaques to be presented to family members), correcting mistakes on existing plaques, placating aggrieved families of inductees, organising the Induction and invitations, compiling a list of Inductees to date , recommending Inductees for next year, etc, etc.
It was suggested that a review of the Inductee nomination criteria be undertaken.
T Byard moved that Sheryl and her Committee be congratulated on doing such a wonderful job of a complex task. Seconded by M Crosse. G France mentioned that the IFS and IFAC are similarly impressed.
It was suggested that the HOF have a portal on the AAT website.
This years Inductees are Mr Les Monson and Mr Ian French, to be inducted at the Axemen’s Hall of Fame, Bells Parade, Latrobe 2pm Sat 22 Nov 2014. There is an Open Invitation to all AAT Committee members – RSVP 15 Nov 2014 to Sheryl Thompson 0418 52 8606 or
email [email protected]

Malcolm Crosse, with the help of Mike Stevens and Gary France, successfully completed the installation of webcam No 9 at Four Springs yesterday. Not content with this he plans to relocate the Bronte webcam (including a battery upgrade) tomorrow with the help of the Kingborough Anglers. The Lake Burbury batteries are also listed for updating.
A discussion was had on the need for sponsorship to cover running and maintenance costs.
Transmission costs for the 9 cameras are $4,860/year and Hosting costs are $1,728/year giving total yearly running cost for 9 cameras of $6,588/year — that is $732/camera/year.
It was suggested camera sponsorship be a minimum of $800/year to cover these costs.
G France tabled Google analytics for webcam visitation and this data will be used to develop a sponsorship business plan.

VHF on the Central Plateau
Coast Radio Hobart’s two new VHF base stations on the west coast opens up the possibility of connecting a VHF base station in the Central Highlands with a 24 hour monitoring service.
MAST has been contacted to explore the possibility of funding a project feasibility
study , and are currently looking at the proposal.

Junior Angling
T Byard proposed that AAT look at a state wide Junior Anglers Day, open to the public , involving all clubs and existing venues plus the possible development of new venues.
The program would need to be well supported by IFS to ensure adequate stocking levels at all venues and should be treated as part of the IFS Fisheries Management Plan. The program should also allow for a means of transition from juniors through to teenage years.
AAT would provide support to clubs , publicise and advertise the day as well as addressing administrative matters such as insurance etc.
It was suggested that junior angling programs on the mainland, NZ and internationally be researched to help develop the program.

Hiighlands Bushfest , Bothwell Sat/Sun 15-16 Nov 2014
Arrangements are well in hand to man a combined stall with TGALT. Tony Wright has offered to deliver the IFS Anglers Access trailer on Frid pm, Malcolm Crosse will man the stall on Sat and Terry Byard on Sun.

Lifejacket video
Mike Stevens is working on this

Tasmanian Community Fund
M Stevens reported that Cassie O’Connor has been very helpful in supporting AAT’s push to see the TCF stay in the hands of an independent board rather than be controlled by the Premiers Office.

Arthurs Lake camping
T Byard has consulted with Hydro and spoken to the caretaker Laurie Costello and all issues have been resolved. Clubs are encouraged to contact Laurie when planning club events at Arthurs Lake to ensure campsites etc are available. Lauries contact no’s are 0439 202 436 and 6259 4049 and will be posted on the website.
M Crosse reported that the issue of permanent camps remains at Penstock Lagoon.

Forestry Tas AAT’s response to Forestry Tas application to the FSC to temporarily use (for 5 years) the FSC listed “Highly Hazardous Pesticide” alpha cypermethrin to spray gum beetle larvae.
Camden Rivulet.
The proposed damming of the rivulet was discussed but the process has gone too far to for any meaningful outcome to be achieved by AAT’s involvement.
AAT should have been a stakeholder on this project and Irrigation Tas to be made aware of this and AAT to request representation on future projects.
Hydro Water Levels
Following complaints of a rapid drawdown on Little Pine IFS resolved the issue and water levels have been raised – refer IFS report.
It was suggested that AAT obtain copies of MOU’s for all Hydro waters.
Huon River whitebait run
Don Paton of Recfish Tas has had reports of very poor whitebait runs in the Huon over the last few years and suggested that the huge increase in salmon farming could be responsible.
Members reported that the whitebait runs have been poor on the NW coast this year (no salmon farms), good in the Derwent and that runs vary enormously from year to year. IFS monitor whitebait runs and this information is available.
Photo Competition
News Release from TGALT tabled , the Competition runs from 1 Nov 2014 to 32 March 2015.
entry is free and prizes given for each category. AAT will post News Release on website with link to full details on www.150yrsoftastrout.com.au

General Business
>J Broomby enquire whether the Miles Forbes Bridge at Latrobe could be enlarged.
>The advertising and appointment of Independent Reps for the NW and South to be followed up.
>Tony Cross reported on Neil Morrows talk to clubs on farm dam stocking but they are not convinced that the changes are for the better and have set up a sub committee look at the proposals.
> Sheryl Thompson reported that the NWFA Ladies Day last year attracted 178 fisher ladies and this will be on again in December. AAT to email a flyer and post on website .
> Howard Jones tabled an article from the Examiner 30 Oct 2014 reporting the frustrations of a Cressy farmer on the Macquarie River in reporting pollution. He expressed similar frustration members of the club have experienced in reporting incidents. AAT also has had trouble eliciting responses from authorities on concerns of waterway pollution.
Howard suggested that AAT meet with the EPA to establish a process to report breaches and that clubs are informed of this process and contact No’s be printed and distributed.
> Weed control program at Elizabeth Bay , Great Lake will be carried out some time in February (depending on stage of plant growth) and 11 volunteers will be required. Contact Terry Byard if you or your club is interested. 0429 977 185`

Brad Finlayson, Tasmanian Eel Exporters www.tasmanianeelexporters.com.au
Brad explained that Tasmanian Eel Exporters is a family company that has been operating since 1964, and is responsible for 80% of the Tasmanian eel harvest which will amount to some 85 tonne this year.
They are licenced to net all over Tasmania, locations depending on water and weather conditions, and net individual waters for only 3-4 weeks/year to ensure the fishery is sustainable.
Lack of angler awareness has caused nets to be interfered and removed and to increase awareness signs are being placed at boat ramps informing anglers that eel netting is in progress. The IFS website posts notification of eel netting on public waters.
It was suggested that if Tas Eel Exporters keep AAT informed that information could be posted on the AAT website.

Dr Sebastian Burgess, Greening Australia, Director of Conservation – Tasmania
Sebastian gave an informative talk on Midlands, Leven and Derwent projects that Greening Australia is involved in with an emphasis on the huge Midlands restoration project that includes long stretches of the Macquarie River.
The willow removal project on the Leven has resulted in improved water quality and river water ecology, less water logging and happy farmers.
Terry Byard suggested that the AAT could be involved as their work fits with the AAT’s concerns for water quality in catchments . It was suggested that a monitoring role would be helpful and that Neil Morrow should talk to Sebastian to sound out the possibility of anglers access as part of this process.

NEXT MEETING is at 10am Sun 15 Feb 2015 at the Central Highlands Lodge, Miena

ALL Possible webcam sponsors

GF Webcam analytics for sponsorship marketing plan

TB > Penstock permanent campsites
> Neil Morrow to meet with Dr Sebastian Burgess

TB/MC >Highlands Bushfest 15/16 Nov

MS > Copy of IFS/Hydro MOU’s on water levels
> Photos of Four Springs webcam installation

DE > Letter to Irrigation Tas
> Arrange meeting with EPA
> North East Open Water , letter to IFS
> Miles Forbes Bridge , contact Neil Morrow
> Junior Angling, list of dams, insurance
> Contact Brad Finlayson re website sponsorship
> Website posts
Gowan Brae access details
Hall of Fame page
Four Springs webcam links to MAST + thankyou letter and photos
Eel netting info
NWFA Ladies Day reminder
Arthurs Lake camping caretakers contact no’s
TGALT Photo Comp details

AAT MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEETING – 9/11/14 2016-10-27T17:25:55+00:00

AGM Minutes August 2014

Sunday 17 August 2014
Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, John Diggle IFS,
John Broomby Northern Forum, Charles Thompson NWFA, Bruce Heathcote NWFA, Bevan Baker TFFA, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Mike Stevens Fishing Tackle Industry, Denis Edwards Executive Officer

Sheryl Thompson, Roger Butler, Adrian Hope, Phil Williams, Justin Causby, Stephen Bax, Michael Caminada

Chairman , Gary France , welcomed members

Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2013 AGM
M Stevens moved that the minutes of the 2013 AGM be accepted. Seconded T Byard. Carried

Matters arising
After a discussion of the Constitution revisions T Byard proposed that the revised Constitution as tabled be accepted. Seconded Alan Gordon. Carried.

Chairmans Review
Gary France review for 2013/14 was tabled mentioning the promotion opportunities the sesquicentenary had created and congratulated the IFS whose work over the years has resulted in a truly great trout fishery.
The rivers water health project remains a long term focus for the AAT along with its usual day to day activities in working for our freshwater fishery.
Gary thanked all involved for their work and support.
J Broomby suggested that the Chairmans Review be posted on the website and if possible be published in the Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News.

The 2013/14 audit by Michael Muller Charted Accountant was tabled . It was suggested that some clarification was needed on webcam construction and operating costs; and that Angler Access projects and AAT accounts be separated to give better clarity of expenditure.
M Stevens moved that the report be accepted. Seconded M Crosse. Carried.

Election of Executive Officers
No nominations received so Executive Committee to remain
Chairman Gary France
Vice Chairman Terry Byard
Malcolm Crosse Project manager
The revised Constitution allows for two additional positions on the Executive Committee and nominations for these positions were called from the floor.
Mike Stevens was nominated by M Crosse. Seconded A Gordon. Carried.
Sheryl Thompson was nominated by C Thompson. Seconded M Stevens. Carried.

Appointment of Independent Representatives
The appointment of Independent representatives for the North West and South was discussed and to be actioned by the Executive Committee.

Meeting closed at 10.43 am

AGM Minutes August 2014 2016-10-27T17:25:55+00:00

Minutes General Meeting – August 17th 2014

Sunday 17 August 2014, Ross

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec committee, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Charles Thompson NWFA, Bruce Heathcote NWFA, Bevan Baker TFFA, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Mike Stevens Fishing Tackle Industry, Denis Edwards Executive Officer

Sheryl Thompson, Roger Butler, Adrian Hope, Phil Williams, Justin Causby, Stephen Bax. Michael Caminada

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 11 may 2014 at Ross
Moved: J Broomby Seconded: C Thompson

Matters arising
>The possible location of a North East open water was discussed and John Broomby and Howard Jones will investigate and recommend suitable waters
>Lake Lea. C Thomson raised the continuing problem of suitable boat access and it was suggested that an onsite meeting be setup with Parks.
>Little Pine. M Crosse has had requests for details of the proposed boat ramp. AAT to obtain details from MAST.
>Farm Dam Stocking. C Thompson expressed some reservations on the amended IFS
Draft Assessment Criteria for stocking farm dams for public fishing.
The wording 2.5ha or more caused some confusion and J Diggle pointed out that this was a preferred min. area for individual dams, but as stated in the Draft, dams of a smaller size (or a smaller collective of dams on a property) will be considered if they meet the other criteria.
H Jones (BOD Anglers) expressed their positive experience with dams on private property, fostering good relationships with the landowners and an improvement of water quality.
It was decided that the Draft proposal was acceptable subject to clarification of the wording for dam areas.

Financial statement was tabled showing
TRADING A/C 17-1550 $37,270.62 CR
GRANT A/C 49-7934 $ 332.19 CR
Motion: “that the financial statement be accepted”
Moved : T Byard Seconded: J Broomby

Inland Fisheries Service Report
John Diggle tabled a comprehensive report and this can be viewed on the AAT website.
The report included the following –
Trout Season Opening Compliance Operation. This initiated a discussion on the use of PFD devices, M Stevens suggested that a link to MAST safety videos be posted on the AAT website.
Four Springs Lake Access.
Responsible Angling. The issues of litter, fish and human waste ,illegal campfires, vehicle use on marshy and wet areas were highlighted which may lead to access restrictions. Acceptable standards to be posted on AAT website.
NW and Liawenee Fisheries Officer
Angler Access
Carp review
Shannon Lagoon
Sandbanks Creek fish trap
Licencing and Administration
Compliance report 2013/2014
Fisheries Management
Hatchery report
Stocking report
IFS Club attendances

Letterhead/Graphics/Mission statement
The new AAT graphic for letterhead, business cards, website, email and facebook was presented and approved.
“Working for your trout fishery” was the preferred new mission statement.

Suggested new postings to include
>Links to MAST safety videos
>Calendar of events
> Complete list of clubs with contact numbers

M Crosse reported that Four Springs and Brumbys webcams are about to be installed and
C Thompson has suggested an alternative site at Lake Rosebery.
Maintenance of all cameras is due including battery upgrades of some of the solar powered webcams.

The advent of Coast Radio Hobart’s two new VHF base stations on the west coast opens the possibility of a connecting VHF base station in the Central Highlands with a 24 hour monitoring service. M Crosse suggested implementing a feasibility study in conjunction with MAST and Hydro and this was unanimously agreed to.

River Health
T Byard explained the background to this project and the initial meeting with consultant Peter Davies that suggested a pilot project could be set up with a supportive farmer on the Macquarie River preferably with existing Anglers Access.
Coincidently Greening Australia has announced a $5.5 million environmental restoration project in the Northern Midlands agricultural area with stage 1 covering some 1000 ha. It was suggested that AAT should see how it could be involved with this project.

Anglers Hall of Fame
The handover of documents from the previous committee has been completed and the AAT Exec. Committee is to set up an administrative process to manage the Hall of Fame.
M Crosse nominated Sheryl Thompson to head a new subcommittee to handle inductee nominations and this was seconded by G France. It was suggested that a member from the North and another from the South make up the rest of the committee.
If possible the committee should nominate inductees by the next GM on 9thNov 2014.

Habitat Fund
J Diggle reported that the process has become legally moribund, but that IFS and IFAC are steadily working through the issues.

Junior Anglers
The importance of encouraging junior anglers is a given, but while many clubs conduct excellent programs it is felt that the AAT Exec Committee should do an evaluation of past and present programs with a view to establishing some means of co-ordination and promotion of junior angler involvement.

World Fly Fishing Championships/Josh Flowers
In the light of Josh Flowers being the Australian Fly Fishing Champion, at the young age of 18 years, and having been selected to represent Australia at the World Championships in Bosnia 2015 it was unanimously decided that the AAT give $500 to help Josh with travelling expenses.
He is shining example for all young anglers and we wish him good luck and every success.

Shannon Lagoon rehabilitation
J Diggle reported on an onsite meeting last week with IFS, Hydro, G France, M Crosse,
M Stevens and J Allan to discuss turbidity issues and possible remedial action.

Kentish Park/Lake Barrington draft plan
AAT to reply to Kentish Council on feedback request. Draft Plan can be viewed at www.kentish.tas.gov.au

Gowan Brae access
G France is following this up

Arthurs Lake camping
Following T Byards meeting with Hydros Mike Bidwell a follow up letter to Hydro was tabled detailing anglers concerns with camping issues at Jonah Bay ,Pumphouse Bay
and also Darwin Dam area at Lake Burbury.
Included in the letter was the boom gate issue at Mossy Marsh and Ragwort removal on the eastern shore of Great Lake.
Mike Bidwell has since left Hydro and T Byard will follow up the new Hydro contact person.
Brady Lake water level
Following a complaint about the low water level at Bradys prior to and at the opening of the trout season J Diggle advised that the IFS is seeking an MOU to minimise the possibility of this re occurring.

Great Southern Water
J Diggle reported that a consultant has been engaged to recommend possible locations.

General Business
J Diggle mentioned that eel farmers, the Finlayson family , are keen to talk to a meeting of the AAT. DE to follow up.
J Diggle suggested that catering arrangements may be made easier if the Feb GM was held at Central Highlands Lodge, Miena



JB/HJ North East open water

TB River Health/ Greening Aust project
Hydro camping issues
TG/DE Anglers Hall of Fame

GF Gowan Brae access

MC/DE Webcam business case
VHF letter to MAST/Hydro

EXEC Junior anglers
Hall of Fame administration

DE Website posts
Lake Lea, organise onsite meeting with Parks
Reply to Kentish Council
Invite Finlayson eel farmers to GM
Cheque to Josh Flowers

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Anglers Alliance – May Minutes 2014

Sunday11 May 2014
Man O’Ross
Hotel , Ross

Gary France TGALT Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, John Diggle Director IFS, John Broomby Northern Tasmanian Angling Clubs, Alan Gordon BOD, Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Wayne Maxwell NWFA, Bruce Gilham Corallin FFC, Amos Mapleston STLLA, , Michael Caminada Indep Nth , Denis Edwards Exec Officer

Phil Williams, Mike Stevens, Adrian Hope

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 16 Feb 2014 at Liawenee”
Moved : Terry Byard Seconded: John Broomby

Matters arising
>Committee member attendance was discussed and it was resolved that a clause be added to the Constitution to prescribe requisite member attendance at meetings.>TB
>Arthurs Lake camping issues to be taken up with Michael Bidwell, Hydro. >TB
>Bertram Island willow removal. AAT has provided an anecdotal report to the contractor who will further discuss with Hydro. >TB
>Volunteers for Ragwort weed control on Great Lake will be required for spring/summer.

Financial statement tabled showing –
TRADING A/C 17-1550 $35,010.18 CR
GRANT A/C 49-7934 $ 2.40 CR
Motion: “that the financial statement be accepted”
Moved: Malcolm Crosse Seconded : Terry Byard

Inland Fisheries Service report
John Diggle tabled a comprehensive report and this can be viewed on the AAT website.
The report included the following –
Litter problems at Lake Kara
MAST RBF applications
Anglers Access
Licensing and Administration
Carp update
Shannon Lagoon
Arthurs Lake recruitment control
Legislation Amendments
Threatened fish conservation
State River Surveys
Stocking charts
The IFS assessment criteria for stocking farm dams was also tabled, as was a detailed response from the NWFA, and a discussion followed.

The IFS MAST RBF submission for a concrete ramp at Penstock Lagoon was discussed and it was hoped that the ramp does not encourage large boats that are presently damaging the bed of this shallow water.

Liawenee Open Weekend 17/18 May 2014
John Diggle explained that this years event will be much improved with a revised format and extra activities.

Constitution revisions
The Constitution revised by Terry Byard and tabled at the last meeting will be put up for adoption at the AGM on the 17 August 2014. The draft constitution has been viewed by Murdoch Clarke , Barristers and Solicitors and was found to be “more than adequate”.

Mission Statement
Sam Shelley, our web designer has been engaged to review the AAT logo and graphics to integrate our letterhead , website, facebook , emails, banners etc . to give a smarter more contemporary look.
As part of this process we are looking for a new “mission statement”. The present statement is “through the representation of all anglers, ensure the realisation and maintenance of the full potential of the fishery.”
Something shorter, clearer, more concise, and contemporary is needed. Any suggestions will be welcome.

The Tas Community Fund grant application for an Anglers Access project to the South Esk has been lodged.
An application to the MAST Recreation Boating Fund has been lodged for a webcam at Four Springs and also for remedial work at Woolmers boat ramp and Kalangadoo boat ramp at Lake Leake. Any suggestions for possible 2015 projects are needed.
AAT has agreed to an IFS request for $5,000 to assist with proposed carparking at Miles Ford Bridge on the Mersey River.

Malcolm Crosse reported that shading problems will require the Bronte and Burbury webcams to be shifted or modified.>MC
Highland Council sponsorship agreement to checked and other sponsorship opportunities to be sought.>DE
Brumbys Creek webcam proposal to be progressed. >MC/GF
St Clair webcam proposal to be reviewed. MC/GF

Shannon Lagoon
John Diggle tabled results of work IFS has done on a feasibility review for establishing Shannon Lagoon as a viable fishery. This work is continuing in conjunction with Hydro.

Tyenna River
Reply from EPA regarding pollution issues was tabled, stating that “ over the next year the EPA will be reviewing existing fish farm activities to determine if any further controls are necessary to ensure that water quality values are protected. The farm at National Park will be included in this review.”

Lake Kara
In the IFS report Neil Morrow highlighted the litter problem on Lake Kara and a discussion of the history and possible future of the water followed. Some members of the NWFA are still aggrieved at the IFS past handling of the Lakes tenure and consequently, in response to Neil Morrow’s request , the NFWA was unable to get volunteers to monitor the litter problem.

Large “Bass”boats
Concern was raised at the excessive noise and speed of some large Bass boats that appeared on some inland waters this year. Since there are no speed limits on most lakes, providing the inshore speed limits are being observed, no regulations are being broken.
However their intrusion causes considerable loss of amenity to other anglers and on some waters their activities are plainly dangerous.
AAT to write to Bass/bream competition body and MAST to make them aware of the problem together with a list of waters that are clearly not suitable for these large high horsepower boats. >DE

Arthurs boat ramp lighting
Hydro are no longer lighting the switchyard at Pumphouse Bay and alternate lighting is required. IFS to look at alternatives. >TB/MC/ Neil Morrow

North East open water
John Broomby has received a request to investigate the possibility of finding a water suitable to be open for year round fishing in the north east. This may include some of the new irrigation dams. IFS/JB/AG/M.Caminada

River Health Project
Terry Byard reported that Peter Davies has agreed to run a workshop to scope this project and a date will be set when Peter returns from overseas.>TB
Amos Mapleston offered to do a paper on water quality that provides the best habitat for trout. >AM

Highlands Bushfest
Central Highlands Council is organising the inaugural Highlands Bushfest to showcase the Central Highlands region, its heritage, culture and communities. Venue is the Bothwell Recreation Ground Sat 15 and Sun 16 Nov 2014.
AAT to take a 3m x3m stand at the cost of $150. >DE

Anglers Hall of Fame
Discussion was held on the status of the Anglers Hall of Fame and it was resolved that Gary France talk to Frank Hussey /Ken Orr about the AAT taking an administrative role in re-establishing this body.
Gary France to keep Sheryl Thompson informed of progress. >GF

Woods Lake
Gary France queried the performance of this lake over the last season. IFS will review visitation and harvest data. >IFS

Lake Fergus
A query from Bruce Gilham established that the hut at Lake Fergus is privately owned.

Mossy Marsh
Michael Caminada queried the need for a boom gate on Mossy Marsh, as the only practical way to fish the water is by boat/kayak.
AAT to follow up with Mike Bidwell, Hydro. >TB



GF Hall of Fame
Brumbys webcam

TB AAT Committee , meeting attendances
Arthurs Lake camping
River Health meeting date
Mossy Marsh boom gate

MC Webcam modifications

MC/GF Brumbys webcam

IFS Woods Lake data

AM Paper on trout water

DE Highlands Council webcam sponsorship
BOM webcam sponsorship
Bass boats letter
Bushfest stall

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MINUTES FOR GENERAL MEETING – Sunday 16 February 2014

Sunday 16 February 2014
IFS Liawenee

Gary France TGALT Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Alan Gordon BOD, Bruce Gilham Corallin FFC, Phil Blizzard TFFA, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant

Malcolm Crosse, Mike Stevens, Adrian Hope, Charles Thompson, Justin Causby, Michael Caminada, Amos Mapleston

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 17 November 2014”
Moved: John Broomby Seconded: Alan Gordon

Matters arising
John Broomby complemented the organisers of the MAST /Longford Fishing Club Boating and Fishing Fun Day held at Longford on 14 Dec 2013

Financial statement tabled showing –
TRADING A/C 17-1550 $36,373.44 CR
GRANT A/C 49-7934 $ 2.40 CR
Motion : “that the financial statement be accepted”
Moved : Terry Byard Seconded : Phil Blizzard

AAT Review
Gary France suggested that in the light of increasing complaints of stream water quality across the state, the AAT undertake a comprehensive long term review of the states stream catchments and their current legislation and regulatory framework.

Items of concern are small on stream dams in the headwaters, maintaining environmental flows, water metering , fertiliser and chemical runoff from irrigation, discharge from pig, diary, fish farms and willow control.

The executive to document concerns and develop a strategy prior to organising a workshop to be attended by all AAT reps. The workshop could be led by the IFS and it was suggested that Peter Davies be invited as a consultant to help develop a strategy for this project.

Terry Byard tabled a more streamlined and pertinent revised Constitution for consideration.
As well as reviewing the overall document, reps are requested to ensure they are happy with the wording in – 5(a)(i)and(v); 5(c) ; items 6 ; 7 ; 9 and 11 .
Reps. were requested get feedback from members prior to voting for its adoption at the August AGM.

Inland Fisheries Service Report
John Diggle tabled a comprehensive report this can be viewed on the AAT website.
The report included the following –
Lake Leake trolling
Lake King William/ WHA access
Performance of river fisheries
Performance of Arthurs Lake
Craigbourne Dam closures
Disabled access at Four Springs
Salmon stocking rationale
Angler Access
Recreational Boating Fund and associated projects
Licence sales
Carp report
Shannon Lagoon update
Arthurs Lake recruitment control update
Compliance report
Consultancy activity
Hatchery report
Stocking chart
IFS Activity List
Exemption Permits

Gary France congratulated the IFS on the comprehensive report and the AAT will encourage access to this quarterly report by posting on the AAT website.

Gary France reported that the AAT website had 7000 hits last month with up to 300 visits on some days.
Malcolm Crosse and Denis Edwards to do a management plan for webcams with future expenditures etc. and a review of sponsorship opportunities.

Email from Roger Butler informing us that the 150th IFish documentary has been completed and updating TGALT/ Frank Hussey’s scoping and planning initiative . Frank will be in touch with stakeholders in the next week or so for calling for activities that may be included in in the program.
It was thought by the meeting that it is too late for the AAT to organise and seek funds for the previously suggested re-enactment and following event at the Salmon Ponds.

Gowan Brae access
Gary France reported that the negotiations proceeding slowly.

Pump House Point access
Denis Edwards to obtain the Planning Permit(with conditions) from Central Highlands Council.

Kerrisons Hut Further to James Lyne letter (previously tabled) John Broomby tabled the Mountain Huts Preservation Society submission to the TWWHA and a letter from Quamby Fly Fishers Club supporting the relocation of the hut to the causeway at Julians.
It was resolved that Quamby FFC be asked if they would be willing to collate the information and support gathered to date, into a submission form and submit to the WHA Review. A copy to be forwarded to AAT for endorsement and submission to the review process.

Meander River
John Broomby reported that there was interest in reviewing the bag limit on the Meander, between Barratts Bridge and the Meander town bridge, to a two bag limit or catch and release.
AAT reps to canvas clubs on their views on such a change and river bag limits generally.

Tyenna River
A letter to Alex Schaap, EPA, seeking clarification on perceived pollution problems was tabled. AAT is following up this issue.

Hooning by two large and powerful “bream boats” was reported by Norm Cribbin and this has been collaborated by Charles Thompson. The offenders have been spoken to by police.

Camping issues
John Broomby reported long term “permanent” camps at Brushy Lagoon and Jonah Bay.
Denis Edwards to write to Bothwell Council to seek details re the provision and allocation arrangements for both long term and short term camping at the Pumphouse and Jonah Bay camp sites.

Bertram Island Little Pine Lagoon
Terry Byard advised of feedback from Entura(Hydro)and Derwent Catchment NRM that consideration is being is being given to the removal of willows from Bertrams Island at Little Pine Lagoon. Terry, on behalf of the AAT to endeavour to seek feedback from local shack owners and fishers etc re their removal and feed into the process. It was suggested that IFS may be able to assist with access to the island if removal is to occur.

Great Lake
Derwent Catchment NRM has again raised the issue of extensive Ragwort infestations on the eastern shore of the Great Lake. AAT through Terry to canvas the possibility of a concentrated effort by anglers, Hydro, Parks etc to make inroads into this developing weed issue.

Clean up Australia Day Any clubs participating should register with Clean Up Aust to maximise good publicity for anglers and any photos can be posted on the AAT website.
Gary France to do a Facebook thing.

Meeting Dates 2014
Proposed meeting dates for 2014 are
Sun 4 May at Ross
Sun 10 Aug at Ross includes AGM
Sun 9 Nov at the Aust Fly Fishing Museum
Please let us know if these dates clash with any other important dates.

Sunday 4th May at Man O’Ross Hotel


ALL Constitution review
River bag limits/catch and release
Review 2014 meeting dates

EXEC Develop a strategy for water quality project

GF Gowan Brae access
Facebook – Clean Up Aust.

TB Bertram Island, Great Lake weed control program

CT Lake Barrington Community Forums

JB Kerrisons Hut WHA submission

MC/DE Webcam management plan

DE IFS report on website
Pump House Point – Planning Permit
Write Bothwell Council re Jonah Bay camping
Lake King William WHA Review letter

MINUTES FOR GENERAL MEETING – Sunday 16 February 2014 2016-10-27T17:25:55+00:00

AGM Nov 2013

Sunday 17 November 2013, Man O‘Ross Hotel

Mike Stevens AFTA Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, Gary France TGALT Exec Committee, John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum, Alan Gordon BOD, Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Amos Mapleston STLAA, Michael Caminada Indep Nth, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant.

Phil Wlliams. Adrian Hope, Leroy Tirant, Roger Butler, Bruce Gilham, Steven Bax, Justin Causby.

Chairman, Mike Stevens , welcomed members

Confirmation of the minutes of the 2012 AGM

M Stevens moved that the minutes of the 2012 AGM be accepted. Seconded T Byard. Carried.

Business arising from the minutes

Terry Byard discussed suggested changes to the Constitution –
5 Cl. (1a)(i) “Australian Fishing Tackle Association” should be changed to “ Australian
fishing industry”
5 Cl. (1b) Is payment of an annual subscription necessary?
29 Cl (1,2,3) Ditto
5 Cl. (1d) “public process”needs clarification
11 Cl.(5c) Nominations and election of Independent members should be enabled at
GM’s as well as AGM’s.
22 Cl. (1) Officers of the Alliance to be Chair, Vice Chair, Executive Officer and two
representatives to be drawn from Clubs and Independent members.
27 Cl. (1) Executive Committee, change as above.
11 Cl.(5c) That election of Independents and Committee members should be enabled at
GM’s as well as AGM’s.
Sheryl Thompson suggested that appointed members be required to attend a certain minimum number of meetings per year.
Terry Byard moved that changes to the Constitution be able to be ratified at General Meetings after giving two months notice of proposed amendment. Seconded Malcolm Crosse. Carried. In the interim the Exec.Committee to operate as is until changes are approved.

Chairman’s Report
Mike Stevens report for 2012/13 was tabled, and he thanked all for their work during the year, with a special mention to Malcolm Crosse for delivering the webcam project so well
and in such a cost effective way. John Broomby suggested that the Chairman’s report be published in Tas Fishing and Boating News.

The 2012/2013 audit by Michael Muller Charted Accountant was tabled.
It was suggested that the AAT accounts and the Mersey River Anglers Access accounts
be separated to give better clarity of expenditure.
M Stevens moved that the report be accepted. Seconded J Broomby . Carried.

Election of Executive Officers
Mike Stevens stepped down as Chairman. Gary France was nominated as Chairman and Terry Byard as Vice Chairman. No other nominations were received so Exec Committee is –
Chairman – Gary France
Vice Chair – Terry Byard
Malcolm Crosse
Other members to be appointed when Constitution is amended.

Meeting closed 11.45 am

AGM Nov 2013 2016-10-27T17:25:55+00:00

Minutes Nov 2013

Sunday 17 November 2013

Man O’Ross Hotel

Gary France TGALT Chair, Terry Byard STLAA Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee,
Mike Stevens ,John Diggle IFS, John Broomby Northern Forum,
Alan Gordon BOD, Charles Thompson NWFA, Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Amos Mapleston
STLAA, Michael Caminada Indep Nth, Denis Edwards Exec Assistant

Phil Williams, Adrian Hope, Leroy Tirant, Roger Butler, Bruce Gilham, Steven Bax,
Justin Causby.

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 15 September 2013”
Moved: Mike Stevens Seconded: Terry Byard

Financial statement tabled showing –
TRADING A/C 17-1550 $33,108.29 CR
GRANT A/C 49- 7934 $ 332.19 CR
It was resolved that the remainder of the Grant A/C be drawn in favour of the IFS.
The accounts have been audited by Michael Muller Charted Accountant and were tabled
at the AGM. The audit has been included in the Department of Justices “Annual Return of Association”
Motion: “that the financial statement be accepted”
Moved: Terry Byard Seconded : Malcolm Crosse

Inland Fisheries Report
John Diggle tabled an IFS report that included the following –

Anglers Access Work on negotiating Derwent River access between Store Point and New Norfolk is well under way.
South Esk funding application to the Tas Community Fund has been completed for lodging in the Feb. 2014 round.

Recreational Boating Fund A development application has been lodged for a dual lane ramp and pontoon at Whitewater, Bradys Lake.
31 solar powered navigation lights are being installed at popular boat ramps throughout the state.
Hydro and IFS have improved the high water level boat launching capabilities at the Morass and Dam Wall at Arthurs Lake.

Great Lake Access Tracks IFS have a long term lease with the landowner to maintain access from Canal Bay to Dud Bay. Anglers are reminded to respect the owners generosity of spirit.

Carp Low water temperature and poor weather conditions have limited carp fishing opportunities and radio tracking is being used to monitor any aggregations. Sterile males fitted with radio transmitters have been released and are being monitored.
Federal Govt funding with matched State Govt will provide $820,000 over 2014/15 to continue this vital project.

Shannon Lagoon A turbidity logger has been installed and macrophyte mapping over summer will be compared with historical data to track changes over the last 6 years.

Arthurs Lake Trout Recruitment A base line trout survey has been done to enable monitoring of trout population changes and enable future management of spawning runs and fish trapping on proposed weirs and fish traps on Tumbledown and Scotch Bobs Creeks.
Construction work is on track for Feb/March 2014.

Biological Consultancy IFS continues to carry out work for Hydro trapping native fish below the Reece Dam, Pieman River for transfer to Lake Pieman.

Compliance statistics from 1/7/13 to 9/11/13 were tabled

Whitebait. Reported on rivers open for fishing , number of licences sold and reduced catch rates for the season due to high flow rates.

Hatchery . The stocking out of brown trout fry is on track and should be completed by the end of November. Due to the poor rainbow run in the Liawenee trap the number of rainbow fry stockings will be strictly prioritised for 2013/14.

Stocking Latest stocking charts were tabled

Legislation Submissions for regulation changes for 2014/15 season close 6th Dec 2013 and a list of submissions was tabled.

Four Springs Survey Follow up surveys indicate a trout population of 19,167 (+/-,070),which higher than previously thought and indicates a low to moderate population. Most fish were 1 – 1.8 kg with some larger to 2.6 kg.
Results of angler catch surveys were tabled also.

Licencing and Administration IFS 2012/13 annual report report was tabled.
Boat promotion closes on 30 Nov 2013 and will be drawn on 23 Dec 2013
Licence sales at the start of Nov were estimated to be down 8% compared with the same time last year.

A brief discussion took place on proposed regulation changes. The final date for submissions is 6 Dec 2013.

WHA submission
John Broomby reported on a meeting with Colin Shepherds office and tabled a history of Kerrisons hut written by James Lyne.
It was suggested that a consultant may be beneficial in preparing the submission.

Gary France reported that TGALT/Frank Hussey filming is going well.
The sesquicentenary will provide an opportunity to rekindle the Anglers Hall of Fame and the AAT would be supportive of proposing Les Monson as an inductee.

Facebook is being set up for AAT and it was proposed that Gary France be the administrator.


Malcolm Crosse reported that negotiations to locate webcams at Tullah Lodge on Lake Rosebery , and the Pump House on Lake St Clair were successful and it is proposed to go ahead with these projects at an estimated cost of $3,000 each.
The possibility of a camera on Brumbys Creek to be further explored with Gary France.
The idea of a trailer mounted mobile webcam (for approx. $6,500) was discussed , but it was thought the practical and administrative problems for use by various groups could be an encumbrance on the AAT.

Charles Thompson reported on Hydro’s management review meeting he attended and pointed out that some matters need addressing, such as summer flows in the Wilmot River
and that Lake Paloona does not form part of the plan.
Charles will be nominated to represent the AAT on Hydro’s management review committee.

Pump House Point
AAT to ensure that angler access to the Lagoon and Basin be maintained as per the conditions of permit.

Gowan Brae
Email from John Miedecke , Fly Tyers Club , tabled and access impasse was discussed. Mike Stevens to look into the matter.

Discussion on BOM’s proposal to increase the strong wind warning on central plateau lakes from 20kts to 26kts in line with the marine water strong wind warning of 26kts. It was thought that it would not be an issue.

Longford/Mast Safety Day
On Sat.14 Dec 2013 a Boating and Fishing Fun Day will be held at Longford. Details to be posted on website.

General Business
• Tamar catchment , NRM North, nationally funded project. AAT to check details.
• Charles Thompson expressed concern on the estuary limits for trout and atlantic salmon
• NWFA – Ladies Day a girls day out trout fishing , Sat 7 Dec 2013. Flyer to be emailed to members
• Alan Gordon expressed concern at the lack of fish in the St Pauls River

Next Meeting
Sunday 16th Feb 2014 at IFS Liawenee


MC/GF Brumbys Creek webcam location

MC Lake St Clair webcam , email Josh Bradshaw

JB/TB/DE Kerrisons Hut and WHA submission

DE Separate AAT and Grant A/C financial summaries
Nominate Charles Thompson as AAT rep on Mersey/Forth review
Safety Day flyer, post on website
Check out NRM North/Tamar Catchment project
Set dates for 2014 meetings

Minutes Nov 2013 2016-10-27T17:25:55+00:00