AAT GM May 2016

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10am Sunday 29 May 2016, Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Mike Stevens Exec Committee, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, John Broomby Exec Committee, Bruce Gilham Corralinn FFCA, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Michael Caminada Independent North, Keith Symons Independent South, Adrian Hope Tas FFA, Charles Thompson NWFA , Bruce Heathcote NWFA, Corey Harris FFCT, Gary Long FFCT, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, John Diggle Director IFS, Eric Hutchinson MP, Marcos Ambrose Thousand Lakes Lodge.
Sheryl Thompson

Talk by Marcos Ambrose

Marcos Ambrose, one of the partners in the Thousand Lakes Lodge project, gave a very informative talk on what is planned for the transformation of Bernacchi Lodge to the Thousand Lakes Lodge. The nine bedroom $1.3million Lodge will provide a very comfortable base to explore the Central Plateau area of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. It will open in October 2016 , details on www.thousandlakeslodge.com.au

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the previous meeting held 28 Feb 2016 at the Great Lake Community Hall”
Moved: B Gilham Seconded: T Byard

Matters arising

H Jones suggested that the EPA response to a letter from the BOD Sports Anglers be emailed to the Committee.
J Broomby raised the possibility of a feasibility study into raising the water level of Four Springs Lake.
T Byard suggested that the proposed Constitution amendment as advised and approved at the last GM be incorporated into the Constitution. Approved.

The Financial statement was tabled showing that at the 17 May 2016
AAT Westpac TRADING A/C 17-1550 $ 4,220.44 CR

AAT Westpac GRANT A/C 47-7934 $ 5,900.43 CR

AAT Westpac WEBCAM A/C 47-7854 $ 750.01 CR

HOF MyState A/C 7273178 $ 880.45 CR
Motion : “That the Financial Statement be accepted”
Moved: K Symons Seconded: A Hope

Webcams sponsorship
T Byard reported that the Exec Committee’s presentation to Tourism Tas for major sponsorship for the webcams was well received and the outcome will be known shortly.

A letter to Telstra’s Executive Director of Small Business seeking sponsorship of data costs was tabled.

M Crosse is to have discussions with M Ambrose on sponsorship to explore the possibility of relocating the Augusta Lake webcam to Thousand Lake Lodge.

Inland Fisheries Service Report
The full report is available on the AAT website www.anglersalliance.org.au

John Diggle tabled the comprehensive IFS Report that included the following —
Low lake levels
Boating on Penstock and Little Pine
Arthurs Lake fishery performance
Talbots Lagoon access
Brushy Lagoon bridge replacement
World Fly Fishing Championships 2019
IFAC report
Licencing and Administration
Native Fish Conservation
Anglers access
Carp report
Southern Fisheries Enhancement
Hatchery and Stocking
IFS attendances at Club events, meetings and dinners

Matters arising from IFS Report
AAT to write to Parks thanking them for their efforts on the Brushy Lagoon bridge replacement.
Fisheries Habitat Fund – write to Eric Hutchinson.
IFS Open Weekend , any ideas for kids or adult activities welcomed by the IFS.
AAT to inform clubs of dates for MAST 2017 RBF meetings.
The carp virus due to be released on the mainland in 2018 is unsuitable for cooler waters of Lake Sorell (<15*C). Brief discussion on Mersey River management for the WFFC 2019 A Gordon raised the possibility of a fish trap on waters feeding Huntsman Dam. World Fly Fishing Championships Tasmania 2019
M Crosse who is Fly Fish Australia’s Tasmanian organiser, showed the video that formed part of the successful Australian bid for the 2019 World Championship. With 500-600 anglers from 80 odd countries involved, Malc. suggested that it is a great opportunity to procure Federal money for infrastructure such as roads, toilets etc.

DPIPWE Meeting
T Byard discussed an interesting presentation to the Exec Committee from Dr Martin Read of the DPIPWE which discussed the water management, environmental flows and extreme dry conditions. Items covered were the needs of aquatic environment and other users (anglers) in determining water allocations, determination and implementation of environmental flows and the Ministerial Policy on Extreme Dry Conditions.
AAT discussed the need for fishing to be better recognised and the importance of the 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships to be held in Tas. in 2019.

It was suggested at the meeting that AAT engage more with landholders on riparian and water quality issues and that a pilot program could be undertaken with a local NRM on a water with an existing Anglers Access.

Proposed IFS Regulation changes
Proposed amendments to the Inland Fisheries Regulations were tabled and included –
. Amending the minimum legal size for fish at Pioneer Lake, South Riana Dam and Talbots Lagoon to 300mm length.
. Amending the maximum legal size for fish at Pioneer Lake, South Riana Dam, Talbots Lagoon, Big Waterhouse Lagoon and Little Waterhouse Lagoon to; two fish only over 500mm length.
. Amending the bag limit to five fish at Pioneer Lake, South Riana Dam, Talbots Lagoon and the South Esk River.
· Prohibit fishing at all times within waters flowing into Talbots Lagoon.
· Limit fishing times to one hour before sunrise to three hours after sunset at South Riana Dam and Talbots Lagoon.
It was unanimously resolved by members that the amendments should be adopted.

Penstock/Little Pine boating proposals
The results of the Trout Weekend questionaire on the proposals was tabled showing that of the 65 responses 59 were in favour and 6 in the negative.
B Gilham reported that the Corralinn FFCA had only one objection to the proposals
C Harris reported that the FFCT supported the proposals in principal but have some matters of detail they would like to be explored further.
A discussion followed on safety issues, speed restrictions and legislation, number and colour of bouys, width of corridor, education, implementation, funding, etc.
It was decided that the matter would be reassessed once the remainder of club responses have been received and all present thought the recommendations should be in the IFS Code.

Mersey Forth Recreational Management Committee
John Broomby the AAT delegate to this Committee presented a comprehensive report on Committee activity, including the promised replacement boat ramp on Lake Barrington and further progress on Lake Paloona access with an estimated project cost of $350 to $400,000.
N Morrow and J Broomby moved that the Management Committee approach Kentish Council to support a $20,000 feasibility study to report on opening up access to Lake Paloona by constructing a road off Devils Gate Road. The Committee will write to all stakeholders to request their views prior to approaching Kentish Council.

Based on a simple pump out system used by the Highlands Council at Derwent Bridge the indicative costing of toilets proposed for Highland Lakes would be approx. $15,000 -$20,000. Penstock, Little Pine and Bronte have been identified as the most urgent with Sorell, Woods, Four Springs , and perhaps Mackintosh in need of facilities as well.
If all were included that gives a project estimate of some $140,000, which would possibly need Federal funding.
Matters to be worked through include maintenance (perhaps by Councils) and ownership, eg Hydro, Forico .

Junior Angling Day
Following last years success it is proposed to run this event statewide again in 2016 with the proposed date of Sun 16 Oct.
Some alternate venues were suggested such as Old Mac’s Farm and Corralinn.
Exec Committee to start planning for the event.

Brushy Lagoon Bridge Letter from Westbury Fishing Club to Minister expressing concern at the lack of access was tabled. Discussion indicated that Parks are providing a temporary bridge until a replacement is built.
Meander River Letter from Quamby FFC was tabled concerning possible management options to improve the fishing experience on the Meander during the World Fly Fishing Championships in 2019. John Diggle indicated that the IFS does not think that stocking of adult fish into the Meander is warranted at this time. Consideration of trapping fish from the inflowing streams to the Huntsman is considered too difficult due to the large flashy flows in the catchment. The IFS may be able to coordinate some electro fishing surveys with Quamby members next summer to confirm the state of the population in the river.
Letter from Bill Beck regarding Penstock and Little Pine boating proposals was tabled and his comments will inform any reassessment of the proposals.
Letter from AAT to IFS tabled requesting a microbenthic fauna survey on Arthurs Lake together with the IFS reply that such a study would not provide a reason for, or a solution to the problem at Arthurs Lake.
Bushfest An invitation for AAT to participate again this year, 19th and 20th Nov 2016.
Fish Farms One perspective on overseas fish farms

General Business
Eric Hutchinson MP expressed his thanks for being invited to the meeting and indicated the Governments strong support for the 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships in Tas. He suggested that all funding opportunities should be explored to upgrade and provide infrastructure that will be beneficial to the long term interests of anglers.
J Broomby suggested that the Lake Rowallan boat ramp needs remedial work and this should be done under the RBF.
A Hope expressed his disappointment that Lake Naomi and Lake Olive in the TWWHA are now accessible by 4WD.
Adrian suggested that a dedicated fire fighting team for the Highlands and TWWHA would be good idea, if funds were available.
G Long suggested that while the dams are at low levels it is a great opportunity to remove boulders from boatramps.
Gary also mentioned leaking irrigation pipes at the Arthurs Dam wall. AAT to report to Irrigation Tas/Hydro

NEXT MEETING is the AGM on Sun 21 Aug 2016


Exec Committee Boating Proposals Penstock/Little Pine

Toilets including Dago Point , persue possible Federal money sources meet with Eric Hutchinson to discuss.

River Health Pilot project with NRM/landowners

HOF Selection criteria


Junior Angling Day

MC/DE Telstra sponsorship for webcams

DE Brushy Lagoon bridge, letter of thanks to Parks
Fisheries Habitat Fund, write to Eric Hutchinson
Proposed Regs, write to IFS
Forward EPA reply to H Jones to Committee
Arthurs, leaking pipes contact Irrig Tas / Hydro
Boat ramps rocks , contact N Morrow
Reply to Quamby FFC letter
Constitution ammendment