AAT General Meeting 28/2/2016

/, News/AAT General Meeting 28/2/2016

10am Sunday 28 Feb 2016, Great Lake Community Hall

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Mike Stevens Exec Committee, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, John Broomby Exec Committee, Bruce Gilham Corralinn FFCA, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Michael Caminada Independent North, Keith Symons Independent South, Adrian Hope Tas FFA, Charles Thompson NWFA , Sheryl Thompson NWFA, Denis Edwards Exec Officer, John Diggle Director IFS, Dr Sarah Richards EPA, Nathan Green Lester Franks, Phil Potter and Peter Golding

Phil Williams

Presentation by Dr Sarah Richards EPA
Dr Sarah Richards gave an informative presentation that included the EPA and IFS review of inland fish farms in 2015, an overview of the legislation relevant to inland fish farms, river health and fish farms and the reporting of environmental complaints.
The review of the 14 inland flow through fish farms found –

• Inconsistent environmental regulation and with some farms having no environmental conditions
• Some farms had inadequate effluent treatment
• In periods of low river flows some farms are likely to cause impacts to rivers – such as excessive algal growth
• More information is needed for most farms to set discharge limits to protect water quality
• Recommendation has been made to the Minister for policy development to address these issues
The presentation also gave an overview of river health and fish farms and the effects of elevated nutrient levels in the farm discharge waters and what environmental conditions can aggravate these effects.

Presentation by Nathan Green of Lester Franks Survey & Geographic P/L
Nathan outlined his companies proposal to produce bathymetric (underwater topographic) maps of the more popular Tasmanian lakes and rivers.
The maps would include bottom composition and vegetation, be compatible with most recreational depth sounders and be available in chart form as well as online and mobile apps. The online and mobile apps would be available for between $4 to $30 depending on the number of subscribers.
The proposal received a very positive response from all present.

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 8 Nov 2015 at Man O‘Ross Hotel, Ross”
Moved: T Byard Seconded: K Symons

Matters arising
David Ikedife from Hydro to be invited to AAT meetings.
HOF Committee tabled proposed selection criteria for consideration by Exec Committee.


Financial statement was tabled showing that at 26 Feb 2016

AAT Westpac TRADING A/C 17-1550 $ 3,434.22 CR

AAT Westpac GRANT A/C 47-7934 $ 12,314.11 CR

HOF MyState A/C 727 3178 $ 904.45 CR

AAT WEBCAM A/C is in the process of being set up

Motion: “That the Financial Statement be accepted”
Moved: S Thompson Seconded: M Stevens

Inland Fisheries Service Report full report is available on AAT website

John Diggle tabled the comprehensive “new look” IFS Report that included the following –
Low lake levels
Angling pressure at Penstock and Little Pine Lagoons
Arthurs Lake fishery performance, IFS is reviewing all data and will publish results on the IFS website in March 2016.
Fisheries non-compliance
Talbots Lagoon Anglers Access
IFAC new appointments
Legislation. Policy and Native Fish Conservation
Policy Matters
Native Fish Conservation
Anglers Access including Talbots, South Riana Dam, Low lake level boat access, Clean Up
Australia Day
Carp Report
Compliance Report
IFS attendances at Club events, meetings and dinners

Matters arising from IFS Report
H Jones questioned what future planning does Hydro have for future predicted low rainfalls.
M Stevens suggested there is a need for further studies to be done on macrobenthic fauna population in Arthurs Lake and Great Lake, similar to W Fultons 1981 thesis, to establish baseline data; this was supported by the AAT Committee.
M Stevens suggested eel traps could be better marked.

M Crosse tabled analytics that showed webcam hits have doubled over the last two years and for the last six months have averaged 420 hits/day that is 2,940 hits/ week or 153,200 hits/year.
This gives a great platform to find a major sponsor and Red Jelly have been engaged to produce a marketing strategy to achieve this.
BOM is keen to have weather stations on the webcams and further talks will be had to see what funding is available for the estimated cost of $25,000.

Meeting with Minister
T Byard reported that the Exec Committees first meeting with Minister Jeremy Rockliff went very well, covering a wide range of concerns and aspirations in the 30 minutes available.
The ground has been laid for ongoing dialogue in future regular meetings with the Minister.

Penstock and Little Pine Lagoons
A number of letters from individuals and clubs were tabled expressing concern at the increased number and size of boats using these shallow lagoons causing damaging the floor and weed beds of the lagoons.
The trial Boating Corridor at Penstock has not resulted in the changed behaviour or boating practices that were hoped for, and with the IFS prediction of increased boating activity on these small shallow lagoons, the need for better boating control to prevent further degradation is urgently needed.

The following proposals, to be recommended to IFS for necessary regulation and legislation change, were unanimously supported –

Penstock Lagoon
1. Reinstate the Corridor for combustion/outboard motors to the previous alignment, some 20 -25 m wide, using posts or buoys as markers.
2. Space the markers at 100m intervals.
3. Boats outside of this corridor to be electric or manual powered only.
4. Reduce the speed limit to 3 knots (5.5 kmh) to avoid pre- planing turbulence and large wakes

Little Pine Lagoon
1. Corridor to be installed from boat ramp to a longitudinal corridor in the middle of the lagoon.
2. The longitudinal Corridor to terminate at existing dam marker buoys in the south, and to the north, a line level with the north end of Bertrams Island
3. Boats outside the Corridors and to the north of Bertrams Island to be electric or manual powered only
4. Reduce the speed limit to 3 knots (5.5 kmh) to avoid pre- planing turbulence and largewakes.

In addition a comprehensive education program should be implemented and signage placed at boat ramps.

Four Springs proposal to raise water level
J Broomby tabled a proposal from the Westbury Fishing Club to initiate a feasibility study into the possibility of raising the level of Four Springs Lake by some 250 to 300mm.
The following points need consideration –
1. IFS would have to be sure that higher levels would benefit the lake ecology ie water
temperature, weed growth, fish habitat etc.
2. Lake area owned by Crown but could encroach on Forico land with the bigger area.
3. Dam wall built to contain 50 year flood, new requirement is for 100year flood.
4. Who pays for feasibility study ?
5. Would existing infrastructure have to be altered ?

Leven River grant application
A funding application has been lodged with Cradle Coast NRM for riparian restoration works near the new steel foot bridge at Hobbs Bridge. If successful volunteers, from local clubs, to assist with the works would be appreciated.

Constitution amendment
T Byard tabled a proposed amendment to Cl 5(c) of the Constitution “ that independent angler representatives shall not be members of or aligned with any club or group”
Cl 5(c) to be –
“The Alliance is responsible for securing regional independent angler representatives through a public process. This may require consideration of regional press options. Independent angler representatives shall not be members of or aligned with any angling club or group.

If there is only one nomination for an independent angler representative position then that nomination can be approved by the membership at either a General Meeting or an AGM. If there is more than one nomination for an independent angler representative position, a ballot for the position will need to be conducted. Independent angler representatives will be deemed appointed as members of the Alliance for a period of two years after which they are eligible for re-appointment by the membership.”
T Byard moved that this be adopted. Seconded A Hope. Carried

Hydro Lagoon Water Levels AAT’s response to Hydro’s request for preferred water levels over the angling season and water management issues at Bronte, Little Pine, Penstock and Lake St Clair Lagoons.

Russell River AAT’s letter to Minister Rockliff and his reply on complaints about the Russell River hatchery.

Dago Point AAT’s letter to Minister Groom and his reply on the re-commissioning of the Dago Point toilets and removal of noxious weeds in the area.

Forico AAT’s reply to Forico’s request for stakeholder input for their derogation application for the use of alpha-cypermenthrin.
Lake Barrington Letter from Mersey Forth Recreation Management Committee on operating levels at Lake Barrington.

General Business
M Crosse indicated that it looks highly likely that the 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships will be held in Tasmania, the decision will be made by FIPS Mouche, the International Fly Fishing Federation, in Portugal on 15 April 2016.
Toilets The issue of toilets at Dago Point and boat ramps to followed up.
M Stevens reported that Bernacchi Lodge is being completely refurbished and will soon be available for hire of accommodation, conference rooms etc
T Byard suggested it is time to re-visit the AAT Code of Practice.

NEXT MEETING Sun 1 May possibly in the NW ?

Exec Committee Penstock and Little Pine
Proposal to IFS/MAST/Hydro on boating regulations

Meet with BOM to discuss weather stations on webcam sites
Presentation with Red Jelly to major sponsor for webcams
Submission to MAST/IFS/Hydro for webcam sponsorship
Follow up other possible sponsors

Review selection criteria

Toilets at boat ramps
Develop a costed proposal for possible funding application.
GF Invite Forico to next GM

DE Invite David Ikedife to GM’s
Site visit with TByard/Hydro to Lake St Clair Lagoon
Letter to Parks/MAST re boat ramp at Lake St Clair
Support letter to MAST for Lester Franks for bathymetric charts