AAT General Meeting July 2015

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10am Sunday 19 July 2015, Zeps Campbell Town

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, Mike Stevens Exec Committee, Sheryl Thompson Chair Anglers Hall of Fame, Ray Aitshinson Hall of Fame Committee, John Broomby Northern Forum, Charles Thompson NWFA, Bruce Gilham Corralin FFand Casting Assoc, Christopher Cohen Corralin FF and Casting Assoc, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Adrian Hope Tas FF Assoc, Phil Blizzard Tas FF Asssoc, Michael Caminada Independent North, Keith Symons Independent South, John Diggle Director IFS .

Phil Williams, Roger Butler, John Smith

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 3 May 2015 at Zeps Campell Town”
Moved: J Broomby Seconded: S Thompson

Matters arising
>C Thompson advised that the Rosebery pontoon had been approved
> S Thompson enquired on progress with the Fisheries Habitat Fund
> The process of TWWHA Draft Plan was discussed
>C Thompson reported that Lake Lea negotiations with Parks are continuing
>H Jones enquired on AAT’s contact with EPA

The financial report was presented at todays AGM

Inland Fisheries Service Report
John Diggle tabled the comprehensive IFS report and this is available on the AAT website.
The report included the following –
Carp Funding
Developing the southern freshwater fishery
Opening of Brown Trout waters for 2015/16
Brushy Lagoon stocking issues
Talbots Lagoon developments
Farm dam stocking
Protection of the Clarence Galaxias
River Derwent spawning trap
Tooms Lake fishery performance assessment
Carp update
Shannon Lagoon
Angler Access – South Esk , Derwent River and Talbots Lagoon
Recreational Boating Fund projects
Pumphouse Point access
Licencing and Administration
Hatchery and Stocking
Brown trout spawning run
Carp funding AAT to lobby politicians
H Jones inquired when Pioneer Dam will be stocked by IFS
Clean Up Aust Day, 6 March 2016, clubs to be made aware of the benefits

M Crosse reported on the webcam installation, operational and maintenance costs review that highlighted the need for more sponsorship income for cameras.

Battery and antenna upgrades have been done where necessary and a faulty camera at Four Springs replaced. This has raised the issue of the need for a small stock of spare parts to ensure continuity of webcam operation, and it was agreed that to start this process a new camera should be purchased.

The possibility of showing all cameras on one screen to be investigated

Sponsorship possibilities were discussed and included –
Possible sponsorship for a group of cameras
Major and minor sponsors with major sponsor at bottom of image
Approach MaST for ongoing sponsorship
Possibility of club donations
2 year and 5 year sponsorships
Mainland sponsors eg The Fly Fisher
Equipment suppliers eg Scientific Anglers
Spirit of Tasmania

Clarendon Casting Pool
M Stevens presented an outline of the proposed $50,000 project at Clarendon on the South Esk which includes trout ponds for kids and casting, and anglers access to be done with Neil Morrow as part of the South Esk Anglers Access project.
Any donations would be gratefully received and it was moved by M Crosse that AAT could contribute $3000, this was seconded by B Gilham.
Other suggestions were that clubs could donate, and that it would be a great spot for a webcam with the Fly Fishing Museum as a possible sponsor.

Junior Angling Day, Sun 11 Oct 2015
T Byard summarised progress and outlined the following items that require action –
> Venue finalisation
> Briefing notes for media
>Advertising/ media campaign to include Southern Cross, radio, angling columns, website, facebook etc. Email all clubs
>Check insurances esp. for private waters
>Registration process : under 14’s only; adults to accompany kids ; information sheet for parents
> Fishing gear
Liawenee Open Day
Following discussions on the possibility of AAT taking on the junior fish out it was decided that it would be a big commitment, that logistics should be considered and that a decision should not be made for 1-2 years .
Location of AAT stand to be discussed with Mark Asplin IFS

Bushfest 21/22 Nov 2015
AAT/TGALT to share a stand and volunteers for the 2days needed.

Hall of Fame
S Thompson reported that everything was running smoothly and that the next inductions will be in 2017.
Sponsorships are being persued, budgeting being done and the Youl plaque is close to being finalised.
It was suggested that an honour board for paid personnel (unable to be nominated because of the selection criteria) be considered.
The notes on suggested operating guidelines and selection criteria were tabled and it was felt by some that they were too open and needed to be more specific.

TGALT letter tabled thanking AAT for their donation to the 150th Photographic Competition.
Hydro Pieman Draft Plan tabled and phone numbers for Adrian Hope and C Thompson to passed on to Hydros project co-ordinator Nicole Sheriff.
Tasmanian Conservancy letter tabled regarding the Clarence Galaxias recovery project on Skullbone Plains. Mike Stevens offered to represent the AAT.
Fishing Habitat Fund letter to Rae and Partners regarding progress tabled together with their reply.
AAT’s response to theTWWHA Draft Management Plan tabled
Telstra sponsorship letter seeking sponsorship tabled
Forestry 3yr plan tabled
Scientific Anglers fly line day fly tabled
Shooters and Fishers Party letter tabled , a reply to be sent indicating that AAT does not want to be involved.

General Business
C Thompson presented the streamside car stickers that the NWFC use.
H Jones raised the question on the jurisdiction of estuarine waters and J Diggle indicated that the Inland Waters Act can include estuarine waters.
H Jones inquired if the freshwater hatcheries operating regulations are being looked at and
J Diggle indicated that they are and that the Russell River as being made more fully
re-circulating .
A Gordon reported the very poor condition of the Scamander River and discussion indicated the cause may be lack of rainfall with flows causing a layering of salt and fresh water.

NEXT MEETING will be in Nov (date to TBA) at the Australian Fly Fishing Museum, Clarendon

Exec Committee Clean Up Australia Day publicity
Junior Anglers Day
Position on Derwent Valley Railway

MC Possibility of all webcams on one screen

TB Constitution ammendments

DE Invite EPA for November GM
Website updates
Carp Funding letter
Approach MaST for ongoing funding
Telstra sponsorship