AAT General Meeting 3rd Mat

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10am Sunday 3 May 2015, Zeps Campbell Town

Gary France Chair, Terry Byard Vice Chair, Malcolm Crosse Exec Committee, Sheryl Thompson Chair Tas Anglers Hall of Fame, Ray Aitchison Hall of Fame Committee, John Broomby Northern Forum, Michael Caminada Independent North, Alan Gordon BOD Sports Anglers, Howard Jones BOD Sports Anglers, Charles Thompson NWFA, Adrian Hope Tas FF Assoc , Phil Blizzard Tas FF Assoc, John Diggle IFS, Denis Edwards Exec Officer

Mike Stevens, Roger Butler, Phil Williams, John Smith

Minutes of previous meeting
Motion: “to accept the minutes of the meeting held 22 Feb 2015 at the Miena Community Hall”
Moved: T Byard Seconded: S Thompson

Matters arising
Clean up Australia – T Byard stressed the importance of co-ordinating the clean up day(s) to get maximum recognition for clubs. Exec. Committee to discuss.
J Broomby inquired about the next stage of the TWWHA Draft Plan

AAT Accounts
Financial statement was tabled showing
Westpac TRADING A/C 17-1550 $18,588.11 CR
Westpac GRANT A/C 49-7943 $44,002.40 CR First instalment of TCF $60,000 grant
for South Esk Anglers Access
Hall of Fame Account
MyState A/C 727 3178 $ 1,044.68 CR

Motion: “that the financial statement be accepted”
Moved : M Crosse Seconded : J Broomby

It was decided that due to the increasing scope of AAT’s activities and for ease of administration and transparency, the Webcams should have a separate bank account and a budget be established for operating and maintaining the webcams.

Inland Fisheries Service Report including Carp Report
John Diggle tabled the comprehensive IFS report and this and the Carp Report is available on the AAT website.
The report included the following –
Trout Weekend and draw for the Ford Ranger
Woods Lake water levels
Brushy Lagoon bridge limit
River Derwent Angler Access
Liawenee subdivision
Sandbanks Creek Fish Trap, Great Lake
Southern Fishery Options
Anglers Access works
Licensing and Administration
Carp Management
Fisheries Performance
Threatened Fish Management
Stocking and electrofishing surveys
Spawning Runs

Bag Limits in Rivers were discussed and AAT to put a position to the IFS in preparation for the forthcoming Management Plan review.
A Gordon and H Jones expressed concern about ongoing water quality issues in the NE and it was agreed to invite the EPA to the next AAT meeting.
T Byard expressed the AAT’s appreciation of the IFS reports and members commented that they were keenly sought after by the clubs.

Angler Access
Derwent River Following the successful IFS Derwent River access program , it was suggested that AAT contact Bicycle Network (refer article in Mercury 16 April 2015) to investigate the possibility of foot access along the existing rail track.
Pumphouse Point Email from N Morrow tabled relating assurances from Manager Josh Bradshaw that the access path from the entry gate around the lagoon will be complete d by the 2015/16 season and “that public foot access is permitted to the site including the access road, tracks and bridge beyond the gate, the lagoon and island. The only restriction is the flume structure and the Pumphouse itself.”

M Crosse has sourced and installed a high gain antenna on the Arthurs camera which has fixed a long running transmission problem. The Great Lake camera should be running early next week. The following week Malcolm will do a maintenance run of all cameras.

A letter was tabled from shack owner Alan Jeffrey inquiring if there were any plans to install a camera on the northern end of Great Lake; there are no plans for a second camera on Great Lake and it was felt that the present priority for expenditure should be for installation maintenance and the next camera in the west, possibly MacKintosh.
G France tabled webcam analytics that show webcam visitation is increasing.

M Crosse, T Byard, D Edwards to review costs, scope, marketing , maintenance, budgeting and management of webcams.

The use of “The Source”video footage clips and other video possibilities for the website to be explored.

Junior Anglers
The date for this event has been set for Sun 11 Oct 2015 and venues will be Frombergs and Taylors in the NW, Waverley in the North and Bushy Park and possibly a Huon venue in the South.
Clubs with junior angling programs to be contacted to ascertain number of juniors involved at present.

Trout Weekend Liawenee
Volunteers to man the AAT stand at the IFS Trout Weekend at Liawenee for Sat 16 and Sun 17 May were J Broomby, M Crosse and G France. Others welcome for ½ day, 1 day or 2 days, phone Denis 0428 84 1166.
Flyer to be updated and formatted in a convenient size for handing out.

Highlands Bushfest
Volunteers to man the AAT stand at the Highlands Bushfest at Bothwell for Sat 21 and
Sun 22 were T Byard and possibly J Broomby and M Crosse. Others welcome for ½ day,
1 day or 2 days, phone Denis 0428 84 1166.

Anglers Hall of Fame
S Thompson, Chair of the AAT HOF Committee, tabled a letter from the HOF Committee to IFAC which listed the progress that has been made since AAT has taken over the administration of the HOF.
The next inductees will be Stewart Ingles, Norm Scott and Bob Ward and the induction will take place at the Great Lake Community Hall, Miena at 2.30 pm Sat 16 May 2015.
The will be no more inductions until 2017.
T Byard tabled suggested ‘operating guidelines’ and suggested ‘selection criteria’ for nominees to the HOF, for consideration by the AAT Committee.

Hydro. Letter from Hydro was tabled stating that the water level monitoring equipment at Penstock Lagoon will be operational by the end of June and that the camping issues are being investigated.
Forico Derogation. Forico’s reply to AAT’s stakeholder response was tabled
Pioneer Lake. Letter from Dorset Council tabled stating that they are happy to erect a directional sign to Pioneer Lake at the junction of Gladstone and Racecourse Roads and that
the remaining area is the responsibility of Parks.
The Nomenclature Board lists Pioneer Lake as the correct name, Pioneer Mine Hole may be a local term.
Webcams. A number of emails tabled conveying appreciation of AAT’s efforts with the webcams.
Lake Lea. The current Parks contact is the Ranger in Charge, Kate Burton , 6492 1133.
C Thompson will follow up boat access issues with her.
Gordon River . Letter from Anthony Crosswell tabled commenting on proposals put forward by the Gordon River Anglers regarding the abolition of graball nets in Macquarie Harbour and also his concerns on the effect of fish farms on the whitebait run.
It was determined that this is not a freshwater issue and that AAT therefor should not be involved .
Little Pine Boat Ramp. Jim Caulfield from Mast has advised that due to a budget over run on Lake Leake boat ramp and complexities of tenure in the parking area the project is under review and may be delayed.

Independent Reps A Southern Independent Rep has been located and the call for a NW Independent Rep in the ‘Advocate’ has received no replies to date and this position will be re-advertised.
G France reported that IFAC had asked Tony Wright will write to the AAT regarding future management of the Fisheries Habitat Fund.
T Byard reported that he had had a conversation with Deryk Dennis about fly fishing clubs representation on the AAT committee. Adrian Hope from Tas FF Assoc said he passes on all AAT minutes, correspondence etc to five fly fishing clubs but seldom hears back from them.
M Caminada reported that the IFS compliance officers must be doing a good job – he has been checked four times this season.
A Hope commented on the keeness and calibre of the new Fisheries Officers.
C Thompson reported that the Tullah Progress Assoc with the NWFA have put a proposal to MaST for a floating pontoon at the Lake Rosebery boat ramp.
H Jones flagged the multi species fishing comp. to be held at St Helens on 21 June 2015

NEXT MEETING is the AGM at 10 am Sun 2 August 2015
at the Man O’Ross Hotel, Ross

Exec Committee Clean Up Australia co-ordination
Junior Anglers Day
Liawenee Open Weekend
Highlands Bushfest
Bag Limit for rivers
HOF Budget
Webcam marketing
Derwent River walking /cycling track
NW fly fishing club representation on AAT Committee

MC,TB,DE Webcam administration, budget,marketing etc

GF Check out Waverley Lake for Junior Anglers venue

DE Invite EPA to next GM
Website video footage
Update AAT flyer
Ascertain the number of club junior anglers
Derwent River contacts walking/cycling track
Re-advertise for NW Indep. Rep
Reply to correspondence